The Irish Council for Psychotherapy supports the regulation of psychotherapy and promotes

  • our registrants, approx 1,500 Irish psychotherapists with a minimum of 7 years education and training
  • the interests of their clients seeking help
  • psychotherapy itself

As psychotherapy is currently unregulated by the State, there is an urgent need to protect the practice. Here Dan Neville, TD and Mental Health Campaigner describes the current situation:

 “Any person can put up a sign and say he or she is a counsellor or psychotherapist and charge €80 an hour to perform psychotherapy and counselling.  It is extremely dangerous for such untrained people to do so.”

The Council works with key stakeholders to achieve  the establishment of a statutory registration process for psychotherapists in line with other professions.

While we work through this process, the ICP upholds the gold standard for psychotherapists in Ireland through our membership of the European Association for Psychotherapy. We are the National Awarding Organisation for the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP).  This is the standard used across Europe to ensure quality and excellence.

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