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Boundaries and Barriers: in Relationships

by Trish Murphy We develop many boundaries as we engage with the world and by the time we are in our late teens, these are often hardened and solid. We do not want the world to find out that we are needy so we create an exterior that says that we don’t care or we […]

Workshop: Complex Problems and Therapeutic Ruptures

Understanding a client’s difficulties is particularly challenging when, for example, there is more than one diagnosis, or a personality disorder is evident and/or problems are wide-ranging, long-standing and chronic. In such instances it is often difficult to maintain a coherent focus and a consistent approach and it can feel as though we are not able to use CBT […]

Why do we say yes when we mean No?

Why do we say yes when we mean No? by Trish Murphy You know the situation:  someone asks us to do something and immediately No resounds powerfully in our gut – but surprisingly out of our mouth comes a tentative ‘yes’ or ‘I’ll try’. We end up disgusted with ourselves – muttering under our breath […]

Dealing With Difficult People : A Christmas Special by Trish Murphy

Do you know anyone who gets under your skin, that you’d love to just avoid, but can’t? Feel like you just want to shake them, get them to understand that what they’re doing isn’t right? Get them around to your point of view? It’s often people you didn’t pick for yourself, but somehow got landed […]

Revenge Porn by Trish Murphy

At the beginning of many relationships, couples regularly send pictures on smartphones of themselves in erotic poses. This is playful, teasing and suggestive, and it assumes confidentiality and trust in the relationship.  However, there is now quite a trend for jilted lovers to post naked or suggestive pictures of their ex on websites dedicated to […]

“Jealousy” – by Trish Murphy

Jealousy is an overpowering emotion and it can make misery of a life.  At its core is a sense of worthlessness or low self-esteem where the sense of self can be threatened by the success or lack of attention of another.  The reaction is often to retaliate, to bad-mouth the other person or seek to […]