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ICP Update Regarding Return to Work Safely Protocol

It is appreciated that significant planning may be required to move to a new model of operating with the challenges of COVID-19, however, it is the responsibility of employers (and self-employed persons) to apply a risk-based approach to returning to work and to prepare to apply the precautions necessary to comply fully with the public health […]

Covid-19 – Ask the Psychotherapist

What Kind Of Emotional Impact Are You Seeing With People During This Pandemic? The emotional impact can be very mixed, there is anxiety, stress and shock about how fast everything has changed. There is also a lot of grief including anticipatory grief.  Fear of uncertainty. How Is Psychotherapy Helping? Psychotherapy is helping by being available […]

Covid-19 – Ask the Psychotherapist

What Kind Of Emotional Impact Are You Seeing With People During This Pandemic?  The emotional impact depends on how people were before this all began. It creates a lot of anxiety for people who have already been bereaved. How Is Psychotherapy Helping?  It offers a safe space, even online, to be heard. What Might You […]

Covid-19 – Ask the Psychotherapist

What kind of emotional impact are you seeing with people during this pandemic? Increased levels of anxiety, fear, frustration and loneliness. Empathy and gratitude are increasing in some people, however, but the emotional impact seems to vary from day-to-day (‘comes in waves’). How is psychotherapy helping? It’s a source of emotional support and connection that […]

Covid-19 – Ask the Psychotherapist

Background Some ICP registrants were asked three questions regarding the Covid-19 crisis. These three identical questions and analogous answers will be posted weekly on the ICP blog and disseminated across the social media channels – Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn. The purpose of this Q & A is to demonstrate the psychotherapeutic experience during the coronavirus pandemic. […]

Telephone and Online Psychological Support For Essential Workers During Covid-19 Pandemic

IAHIP, the professional body representing over 1,000 humanistic & integrative psychotherapists in Ireland, is offering free psychological support to essential workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Individual IAHIP accredited therapists have volunteered to offer various forms of online and/or telephone support. A register of volunteer therapists can be found here on the IAHIP website Many essential […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice from ICP

Dear Registrants. During this uncertain time, ICP wishes to ensure that its registrants remain safe while carrying out their consultations with clients. To do this, it is necessary to remain informed and updated through regular newsfeeds from the HSE in relation to COVID-19 and public health. Please note that some newsfeeds seem to exaggerate fears […]

‘Different Not Less’: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Autism

‘Different Not Less’: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Autism Date: Saturday, April 25th, 2020 Time: 10am – 4pm Place: The Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI): 85 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 Registration: €100/€60 (incl. lunch) (Note: maximum of 60 places, register at Eventbrite to avoid disappointment) Full details and registration on Eventbrite This one-day multi-disciplinary seminar, organised […]

Fórsa Conference Cancelled

Fórsa Conference Cancelled Until Further Notice Date: Saturday 21st March 2020 Time: 9.30am – 16.30pm Venue:  Fórsa Office, Nerney’s Court, Dublin D01 R2C5 HSE Counsellors / Therapists Post Holders and Sessional Agency Counsellors / Therapists Fórsa is the largest union representing staff in the public sector. Fórsa, in conjunction with Fórsa National Counsellors / Therapists […]