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The Complexity of our Sexual Lives by Trish Murphy

We are all intensely interested in reading about other people’s sexual lives and it is even more compelling to compare ourselves to what appears to be the ‘average’.  On the one hand none of us like to consider ourselves average but there is a comfort in knowing that we are not as strange or weird […]

Does truth matter by Jean Manahan

Over two thousand years ago a certain Pontius Pilate asked the question ‘what is truth?’ a hugely important question for so many reasons. In the current so called ‘post –truth’ era, it takes on a new importance and it behoves us to ask does truth actually matter? I believe it matters in a fundamental way […]

Loneliness by Trish Murphy

Loneliness is a natural phenomenon that we all experience at various points throughout life: when we leave home, we have a break-up, someone we love dies, when our children leave, at retirement and in old age when we experience the loss of our friends and partners.  We have a sense of the normality of this […]

ICP’s Submission Paper to the Department of Health

Please click here to read the ICP’s Submission Paper to the Department of Health on the proposed Statutory Regulation of Psychotherapy and Counselling under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005. Anne Colgan, Chair of ICP and Jean Manahan, CEO of ICP in front of Irish Council for Psychotherapy’s new office on Mount Street, Dublin […]

Systemic Cafe Live on the web

A live link to the Systemic Cafe is copied below so that anyone in (the world/Ireland) who receives the link on their email can access this meeting. If the quality of the cable connection in your area might not be so strong, you can look at it on your screen and at the same time listen […]

Integrative Cognitive-Affective Therapy (ICAT); a structured, short-term psychological treatment for bulimia nervosa

CONFERENCE NETWORKING IRELAND (in association with BODYWHYS) Workshop – Integrative Cognitive-Affective Therapy (ICAT) for Bulimia Nervosa Workshop Title: “Integrative Cognitive-Affective Therapy (ICAT); a structured, short-term psychological treatment for bulimia nervosa” Venue: Ashling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8. Date: Friday November 25th, 2016 from 2:00 – 5:00 pm Cost: €45.00 (includes afternoon coffee/tea/snack) Workshop Facilitator: Gerard Butcher Enquiries re payment etc. to: […]

Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks  by Thomas Larkin Panic attacks are rushes or spikes in anxiety. We get flooded with it. But the key thing is it comes from inside us, not from the outside. People often come to psychotherapy saying ‘I get panic attacks but there is nothing to be frightened of’. They are right, nothing is happening […]