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Resilience and the Manchester Bombing by Gerry Myers

The British people have shown great resilience over the last few days in coping with the Manchester bombing. For the most part they have kept true to their values and their way of life. We hear of Mancunians pulling together in the midst of the crisis, offering practical support, food, shelter, care. We read the […]

    “FAMILY THERAPISTS GO GREEN” As a social media profile raising exercise for FTAI,   we are organising a gathering in:   Venue:     Merrion Square Park (nearest the Holles Street Entrance   Date:       15th May 2017 Time:                   6.30p.m The intention is to show our participation in and support for the Green Ribbon campaign               http://www.greenribbon.ie […]

What We Know by Helen Jones

Robert Redford’s son is a filmmaker and his latest film is called Resilience. Roughly it’s about the negative impact of difficult childhood experiences….which last a lifetime. He was inspired by research carried out in 1998 by Vincent Felitti and Robert Anda into adverse childhood experiences. Examples of these range from witnessing substance abuse; marital breakdown; […]

Irish Council for Psychotherapy Position on Conversion Therapy, Reparative Therapy, Gay Cure and Transgender Conversion Therapy in Ireland

The Irish Council for Psychotherapy hereby wishes to clarify that efforts to try to change, manipulate or reverse sexual orientation and/or gender identity change through psychological therapies with different theoretical frameworks are unethical in accordance with the Irish Council for Psychotherapy’s Ethical Guidelines. Conversion Therapy, Reparative Therapy, Gay Cure and Transgender Conversion Therapy refer to a […]

Date for your Diary: FTAI Systemic Café

Date:  13th February 2017 Time:  7.00pm – 9.00pm Venue: The Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, 9, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 Parking is at half price in St. Stephen’s Green Centre (i.e. it is capped at €10) Topic: “Working in a Medicalised World” Speakers: Deirdre Dooley Head of Training Mater/UCD Family Therapy Training Programme Peter McCartan Formerly of Beaumont Hospital […]

The Complexity of our Sexual Lives by Trish Murphy

We are all intensely interested in reading about other people’s sexual lives and it is even more compelling to compare ourselves to what appears to be the ‘average’.  On the one hand none of us like to consider ourselves average but there is a comfort in knowing that we are not as strange or weird […]

Does truth matter by Jean Manahan

Over two thousand years ago a certain Pontius Pilate asked the question ‘what is truth?’ a hugely important question for so many reasons. In the current so called ‘post –truth’ era, it takes on a new importance and it behoves us to ask does truth actually matter? I believe it matters in a fundamental way […]

Loneliness by Trish Murphy

Loneliness is a natural phenomenon that we all experience at various points throughout life: when we leave home, we have a break-up, someone we love dies, when our children leave, at retirement and in old age when we experience the loss of our friends and partners.  We have a sense of the normality of this […]