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Next Southern Regional Meeting News:

To Members of South Region of IAHIP

Next Southern Regional Meeting News:

Date:                       Tuesday 29th January

Start Time:               8.00 p.m.

Venue:                     SMA Hall Wilton, Cork

Debbie Hegarty, from the Governing Body of IAHIP, has kindly agreed to present the IAHIP Five Year Plan at the Meeting.

There will also be an opportunity after the meeting, to “Walk your Wishes for 2013″ on a small cloth Labyrinth.  And if you really wish to be sociable afterwards, join us in the Wilton Bar!

Hoping to see you there,

Ann Irwin & Catherine Hickey

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Midlands Regional Meeting Wednesday 12th December 2012

A Midlands regional meeting (Longford, Meath, Westmeath, Offaly, Laois & Tipperary) has been organised.

Date:Wednesday 12th December 2012

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Venue: Tir Na nOg, Slievanagorta, Ballymore, Co Westmeath

As part of IAHIP’s regional development, it is hoped that regional meetings will take place regularly in the various regions throughout the country. The Regional Officer, Bronagh Starrs, will do her best to be in attendance at most of these initial gatherings.

At these regional meetings, we will discuss such matters as co-creating a regional structure, developments within the organisational life of IAHIP, and the general experience of our membership within IAHIP. These meetings are designed to give members an influential voice and it is an opportunity to find out about what is happening within the organisation.

This meeting is being facilitated by Eileen Prendiville, IAHIP Chairperson.

Please find following a link for directions for the venue and map.

In case you need further help with directions, once en-route,  you can use the following number:  087 648 8149.  The Regional Meetings are open to all our members and we hope that you will be able to attend so that you can contribute to building a strong supportive structure, making connections, and planning events and activities to meet your needs as an IAHIP member and practicing psychotherapist.

Bronagh Starrs
Regional Development Officer

Original post: Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy

IAHIP – “Inside Out” Articles

There are several years of Inside Out articles now available for reading on the IAHIP website. Click here to see available issues.

2nd National Conference – 26th/27th January 2012

ICP Conference 2012

The Irish Council for Psychotherapy is delighted to announce its 2nd National Conference in its 21st year in existence.

This conference provides a unique opportunity to celebrate, showcase and exchange ideas on creative and contemporary practice.

The conference welcomes clinicians from a variety of health care settings and professional backgrounds who have an interest in contributing to the debate and discussion on psychotherapeutic practice in Ireland.

The conference seeks to engage all of its delegates and will provide a fertile ground to enhance knowledge and practice.

This conference will comprise keynote speakers who are renowned in the field of psychotherapy, and workshops, symposia, papers and poster presentations by practitioners involved in psychotherapy practice, research and training.

Call for Abstracts

We invite abstracts for papers, symposia, workshops and poster presentations on themes relevant to contemporary and creative psychotherapy practice.

All abstracts will be reviewed on the basis of their contribution to the   conference theme and their relevance to the field of psychotherapy.

Book of conference abstracts will be available on the ICP website.


Download Full ICP Announcement

Download ICP Guidelines

Download ICP Registration (online payment facilities available shortly)



Standards in Psychotherapy: Letter to the Irish Times

Irish Times, Saturday 27th October 2007.
Letters Page


In the light of Sylvia Thompsons article  Is Psychotherapy losing touch with reality? (Health Supplement October 23rd 2007), and of recent events being covered in the media, I would like to clarify issues around standards in psychotherapy in Ireland today.

Psychotherapy in Ireland is regulated by The Irish Council for Psychotherapy. We have currently over 1,050 psychotherapists on our register.

The purpose of the ICP is:

  • to promote and maintain the highest standards of training and professional conduct among psychotherapists
  • to develop psychotherapy as an independent profession
  • to represent the majority of psychotherapists in Ireland to the public, the media and the Government

ICP standards have been agreed by all the major psychotherapy organisations in Europe. The total duration of the training for psychotherapists accredited with ICP is 3,200 hours spread over a minimum of seven years.

The Code of Ethics of the ICP obliges therapist to uphold a high standard of professional competence and personal conduct in their practice with their clients. We also have a complaints and disciplinary procedure.
We are seeking to have our profession statutorily regulated and are currently working with other mainstream psychotherapy organisations on proposals in this regard for submission to the Minister for Health & Children.
Further information available at:
Yours sincerely,

Chairperson: Irish Council for Psychotherapy
Quinns Road, Shankill, Co. Dublin.

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Welcome to the New ICP Site

Welcome to the new site for the Irish Council of Psychotherapy. As well as informative information about the various sections of Psychotherapy, we have also provided access to our National Register of Members.

Northern Ireland Institute of Human Relations

The NIIHR was inaugurated in November 1990. A registered charity and a limited company, it aims to provide a forum for the discussion and advancement of psychoanalytic approaches to the understanding of personal and social difficulties. Members work in public and private settings, with individuals and with groups.

The Institute acts as a focus of interest and commitment for those whose major professional concern is in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and related fields. It also offers public events for those who wish to explore the relevance of psychodynamic ideas to different contexts.

Current Work of the Institute
The current programme includes:
• monthly reading groups
• visiting speakers
• public conferences
• the development of specialist sections
• clinical seminars in specialist areas
• research (a list of papers produced by Institute members is available on request)
• continued promotion of links with professional bodies in the UK and Ireland
• the establishment of an EAP accredited ‘top up’ training programme
• accreditation and registration of psychotherapists in Northern Ireland

Institutional Affiliations and Associations
The Institute is a member organisation of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy. The Institute also has links with the NHS Centre for Psychotherapy in Belfast.

Organisation of the Institute
Each year the Annual General Meeting elects an executive committee, who undertake the day-to-day running of the Institute.

Group Work Section
Regular meetings promote the application of group analysis, and offer support to colleagues in their professional and clinical work. The Section has also developed relations with sister organisations in the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and England.

Applying for Membership
Those interested in applying for membership should contact: The Secretary, NIIHR, 2 Malone Road, Belfast BT9 5BW ( Full membership is open to suitably qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapists.
• Trainee Membership is open to students on recognised training courses in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
• Associate Membership is open to those with an interest in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Irish Psycho-Analytical Association

Founded in 1942, the IPAA is the oldest psychotherapeutic body in Ireland. Its founder, Jonathan Hanaghan, was sent here in 1926 by Freud’s friend and biographer, Ernest Jones: “It will take a Celt to start up psychoanalysis in Ireland.”

Although many elements of human nature seem universal in humanity, most psychotherapists, anthropologists, and sociologists would agree that there is a lot in each individual which is specific to the particular culture in which the person grew up. The traditions of the Irish Psycho-Analytical Association reflect three-quarters of a century of intensive psychotherapeutic work in Ireland, with Irish people.

Although strongly Freudian in its beginnings, springing as it did from Freud’s inner circle in the U.K., the Association and its members have taken in the major advances in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy throughout the seven and a half decades of its existence.

It is also characteristic of the Association that its theoretical formulations have taken into account the transcendent dimension of life, producing approaches which are compatible with most religious outlooks. Yet it would be incorrect to say that the Association adheres to this or that school of psychoanalysis: “I am a committed eclectic” was the characteristic statement of Association Training Officer, psychoanalyst, and author Rob Weatherill; it seems certain that most Association practitioners would have a similar outlook.

Contact Address:

Mitch Elliott
Flat 1, Fortfield House,
Cowper Road,
Dublin 6.