Our 2018 AGM will be held at the Menlo Park Hotel, Galway on

Saturday 3rd March 2018 at 11.00am
Social Evening on Friday Evening 2nd March with wine and cheese, from 7.30pm

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Special Delegate rate available at the hotel for Friday March 2nd on a first come basis.

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Film Event: Pioneers of Group Analysis

ICP wishes its IGAS registrants every success in the upcoming film event ‘Pioneers of Group Analysis’

Group Analysis Film 10Feb18

Student Counsellor – Permanent

Reporting to
The Academic Administration and Student Affairs Manager
The Job
The Student Counsellor offers a specialist professional service on a confidential basis to
individual students who are experiencing personal difficulties which may be affecting
their work. In addition, the Student Counsellor will play a key role in helping students
with their academic progress and personal/social development through group
counselling, seminars and workshops. The Student Counsellor will develop and maintain
close links with other student support services in the Institute, will participate in
multidisciplinary case management meetings, and will advise on further sources of help
within the community. The range of duties assigned to the Student Counsellor may vary
from time to time.
Main duties
 To provide individual counselling to students with emotional, psychological,
academic or personal development needs.
 To provide psychological assessment and intervention.
 To maintain case records and statistical data as required by the Institute, including
usage statistics, as well as annual and periodic reports.
 To provide group counselling to students with a view to helping their academic
progress and personal/social development.
 To design and deliver regularly scheduled seminars/workshops on life skills/personal
development, stress management, substance abuse etc.
 To organize and run, in collaboration with other appropriate staff, workshops or
groups on study skills, presentation skills, examinations’ techniques, etc.
 To be involved in the preparation and provision of special training/information
seminars for staff
 To collaborate with staff in the design and provision of special programmes/projects,
for example, induction, peer mentoring, etc.
 To support and provide training to student groups such as Student Union Officers
 To lead the evaluation, consumer satisfaction and research relating to the Student
Counselling Service
 To liaise with and make referrals (as appropriate) to academic, administrative and
support services staff within the Institute
 To make a regularly updated calendar available to student support staff, for the
purposes of indicating availability for appointments
 To participate in multidisciplinary case management meetings for complex student
cases where multiple stakeholders are involved
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IAHIP Workshop Series – Recovery from Trauma

Workshop 7 – Recovery from Trauma -Jim Fitzgibbon –
Sunday November 26th 10am – 4.30pm
Limited Number of Spaces still available
Book your place now

This workshop will be a collaborative, educative and experiential workshop for psychotherapists.
My workshop on recovery from trauma is designed for experienced psychotherapists however whatever your experience we will have commonality in that we all survived at least one trauma namely receiving birth.

Consciously forming ground as a way of being in a relational experience will be at the core of this group experience.
Many members will be interested in an integrative relational written exercise re exploration of grieving that I learnt from Gianni Francesetti in 2010 and I’ve many times used it successfully. It’s an excellent key to unlocking deadness recovery from trauma.

On my own background for more than 7 years I am member of a supervision group and a personal development group both facilitated by the experienced psychotherapist Rob Tyson of the Manchester Gestalt Institute.
I am learning we all have unique experience and by gathering in a safe place this difference is of immense value to one another and to our clients.
In this workshop I will invite the group to focus on what we do know cognitively and theoretically about the subject. When we form as a working group, our own experiences of recovery and of our clients may emerge, in the present.

The use of creative technique of art may be possible so please bring art materials of your choice.

My intention is the exposition of my relational in the here and now approach, supported by the theoretical approach by James Kepner in his books particularly Healing Tasks (1996) and Body Process (1987) and Miriam Taylor’s Trauma Therapy (2014) and Zoe Londricks paper What Every Trauma Worker Should Know (2006). …read more

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How to lose your clinical balance, while holding on to your therapeutic bearings, and other ideas on working therapeutically with a ‘treatment resistant’ client diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder by Don Boardman

How to lose your clinical balance, while holding on to your therapeutic bearings, and other ideas on working therapeutically with a ‘treatment resistant’ client diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder

by Don Boardman

Click below for full article

Don Boardman Article

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Salvador Minuchin, a Pioneer of Family Therapy, Dies at 96

Salvador Minuchin, a provocative psychotherapist whose pioneering work with teenagers shifted the focus from their individual symptoms to their family relationships, died on Monday in Boca Raton, Fla. He was 96. Please see obituary below.

Salvador Minuchin Obituary

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An invitation to participate

I am writing to invite your participation in my upcoming research study entitled
‘Psychotherapists’ experience of attachment and the therapeutic relationship.
I am a fourth year student on the MSc. in Integrative Psychotherapy at Dublin City University which requires completion of a research study related to psychotherapy.
The purpose of this study is to explore psychotherapists’ experience of their own attachment style and their experience of how they came to learn about attachment theory.
The study also aims to explore their experience of their own attachment and how this interrelates with their work with clients.
This research study will involve trained and accredited psychotherapists in order to gain an in-depth breadth of knowledge.
If you are a trained and accredited psychotherapist you are eligible to take part in the study.
If you wish to take part, you will be invited to take part in an interview that may take up to 1 hour, either at your place of work or in Dublin City University. Your participation in this study is voluntary.
If you would like more information on this study or should you wish to take part you can contact me by email at laura.egan28@nullmail.dcu.ie
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Laura Egan
087 1303643

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09 Dec 2017 09:00 : Working Psychoanalytically with Children and Adolescents

One Day Symposium


Bringing together psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists of different theoretical orientations and affiliations working with children and adolescents in Ireland, this one-day symposium aims to create the opportunity for several important discussions and exchanges to take place which are both topical and relevant to psychoanalytically informed clinical practice with children. The symposium will also create a space for practitioners to get to know each other’s work and meet with others in this field. Arranged in three core panels, the work with children and adolescents will be examined and discussed across a range of themes. Each panel will be organised roundtable style with 4-6 presenters each speaking on a particular aspect of the theme, followed by a chaired discussion and participation from the floor.

Please click on link below for further details.

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Conceptualising, Applying & Integrating Systemic Therapy in Child Sexual Abuse : Workshop with Diane Hanly

24th November 2017

Family Therapy understands the benefits of therapeutically supported dialogue amongst family members when challenging issues and difficulties need to be discussed. Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) might be considered one of the most challenging, distressing and direction-changing issues that a family has to contend with. In the Irish context the majority of cases of alleged sexual abuse do not go to court therefore there is significantly more pressure on social and therapeutic services to address the needs of the young people and their families. Different reactions and coping mechanisms mean that services privilege meeting with children, siblings and parents separately in order to address their competing needs. CSA can also be an evocative and difficult area . For further details on this workshop and booking form, please click on link below.

Diane Hanly 24th November 2017

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