Systemic Cafe 27th November 2018 “Complaints – protecting the client and the therapist”


Date: Tuesday, 27th November 2018

Time: 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Venue: Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2.

Topic: Complaints: Protecting the client & the therapist.

The following members of the FTAI Complaints Sub-committee will lead the conversation:

• Ann Marie Burke
• Peter Caffrey
• Mara de Lacy

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) = 2 hours. CPD certificates will be issued by the Family Therapy Assoc. of Ireland (FTAI). See you @ the Systemic Café.

Date for your Diary Systemic Cafe 27th November 2018

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IAHIP Autumn/Winter Workshops 2018/19



A few places still available on the below workshops – please book soon

Saturday 10th November 2018

Dancing the Inner Body: Tuning In, Being Moved: Exploring the Unconscious Through Movement

Facilitators: José Castilho & Jessica Cottee

In this experiential workshop, Jessica and José show how Butoh can be used by Psychotherapists to explore different ways of expression, with the body as a living entity as the raw material. Through transformation – one of the most important elements of Butoh – the body plays with surreal themes and androgynous forms with total disregard to the intentional creation of beautiful movements; instead dancers express primal human conditions. Movement in Butoh starts deep inside the flesh and bones until it breaks on the skin of the dancer, as the unconscious finds its expression into consciousness through movement. For that reason, Butoh movements can tap into both physiological and emotional aspects of the body, embrace the entirety of time lived from birth, and arise from intuition or spirituality. “The manifestation of these inner elements and transformation from one to another are not expressed through techniques; rather, they have already been present within the dancer’s body and are actualized out of their dormancy.” (Masaki Iwana, Essays on the Art and Philosophy of Butoh) Jessica and José will guide participants to experience their own physical expression of hidden inner elements through a day of Butoh.

Jessica Cottee is an IAHIP pre-accredited counsellor and psychotherapist, who trained at Dublin Counselling and Therapy Centre and currently works with adults in private practice. With a background in languages and a passion for dance, she is curious about the ways of bringing a form to sensations and using creative practices as a vehicle for expressing uniqueness.

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Narrative Therapy – Exploring with “Maps”

Narrative Therapy – Exploring with “Maps”
2 Workshops
Therese Hegarty

In these two workshops, participants will explore some of the ideas from Foucault, Bruner and Myerhoff, which inspired the work of Michael White and learn to use the “maps” which guide his Narrative Practice [White 2007]
Experiential exercises will be used to allow participants understand the ideas behind Narrative Practice in relation to their own lives.
Participants will reflect on work they are involved in with families to clarify the meaning of dominant stories, preferred stories, problem saturated stories and alternative stories.
Structured interviews will be used so that participants have a chance to experience how Narrative “Maps” scaffold therapeutic conversations.

Journaling exercises will be offered to those who wish to continue the reflective aspect of the course.
Participants are advised to read ‘Maps of Narrative Practice” [White 2007 Norton] before day one or between day one and day two. This will greatly deepen the learning on the course and provide a guiding text to return to in the long term.

The Facilitator- Therese Hegarty
Following a career as a primary teacher, where the influence of family on children’s’ wellbeing in school was evident, Therese studied for the MSc in Systemic Psychotherapy at the Mater. She then set up a community based family therapy practice in West Tallaght where she works at present. In 2007/2008 she undertook the International Diploma in Narrative Therapy and Community Work in Adelaide. She gave keynote addresses at the Narrative Conference in Adelaide in 2008 and at the Narrative Therapy Conference in Grahamstown, South Africa in 2011.
Therese teaches Level One and Level Two Narrative Therapy courses on request. She facilitates an advanced Narrative Therapy training group which meets three time a year and she teaches Narrative Practice to future primary teachers on the BEd in Maynooth University.

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06 Oct 2018 10:00 : The Scene within the Scene

Subjectivity, Identity & the Nature of Perception. Hosted by Donna Redmond, Psychoanalyst, with Paola Mieli, Psychoanalyst, Apres Coup, New York & Barry O’Donnell, Psychoanalyst.

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01 Feb 2019 : 10th Irish Psychoanalytic Film Festival

“Same Time Next Week” Psychoanalysis on Film. Plenary Speaker Prof Dany Nobus

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02 Feb 2019 : 10th Irish Psychoanalytic Film Festival

“Same Time Next Week” Psychoanalysis on Film. Plenary Speaker Prof Dany Nobus

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IAHIP Autumn Workshops

Last Call for Participants for this Weekends Workshops

Saturday 22/09/18 Workshop 2 Just Say ‘YES’ – Applied Improvisation Comedy

Maureen Levy

The old saying that ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ is born of the fact that humour reduces stress levels and improves mental health. Working therapeutically with any individual mirrors the improvisational comedy approach. It is two or more people cooperating in a process that is uncertain. There will be unexpected twists and turns that each party must adapt to, in order to work toward a satisfying conclusion. The skills of managing this process are very similar to those of the Improvisor.
Stress is due to the perception that our skills and abilities are not sufficient to meet the demands placed on us. Humour will adjust these perceptions by offering us a new view of our skills. Appropriate humour also can be used effectively in therapy, as it can help clients have an “Aha” moment as their perspective on a situation shifts.

Using the basic rules of Improvisational comedy, this workshop will introduce therapists to the basic techniques of Applied Improvisational Comedy in order to expand their creativity and flexibility with their client work, and also bring great joy and laughter into their own lives.
This workshop is experiential and fun, teaching us to listen and be fully present in the moment. It is deeply profound and transformational work that continuously positively impacts the lives of everyone who has participated.

Sunday 23/09/18 Workshop 3. Purely Elemental (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)

Patricia Chalmers

Purely Elemental aims to explore the subtle qualities of the elements and their influence on the way we think, feel and act. The workshop offers some input, guided meditation and an opportunity for reflective …read more

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EFTA AFT Conference: Manchester, September 2018. Title: D/Evolving Identities

NFTO Meeting Manchester 2018

Meeting of the NFTO Chamber of EFTA.
33 participants from 16 countries considered the question of identity from multiple perspectives in true systemic fashion.

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10 Nov 2018 09:30 : MAN DESERTS Where have all the fathers gone?


Rob Weatherill, Alan Corcoran, Carol Owens, Dorothee Bonnigal-Katz , Helena Texier, Peter Kelly and Rik Loose

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22 Sep 2018 09:00 : The Clinic of Discreet Madness: Work Psychoanalytically with couples

Workshop 2 Practical Applications

In keeping with APPI’s two-year theme Psychoanalysis in the 21st Century the Executive Committee and the Education Action Group are delighted that Marie Walshe has designed and will deliver a two part short course: The Clinic of Discreet Madness: Working Psychoanalytically with couples.

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