Reading Studies on Hysteria with Dr André Michels

Reading Studies on Hysteria with Dr André Michels  

Date: Saturday May 29th 2021

Time 10am (Ireland)

Location: Online Event

Cost:  €30

What can we learn from Studies on Hysteria in our work today in Ireland? How can we think about trauma and hysteria? Can trauma cross over generations?

This seminar will begin with a presentation of a clinical case concerning a woman who was born in an Irish orphanage. The seminar will then continue with a discussion on the themes of trauma, transgenerational trauma, hysteria, and symptoms. André Michels will be participating and answering questions as they emerge. His clinical and theoretical experience includes extensive work on transgenerational trauma.

2 CPD points will be awarded for attending the seminar.

Dr André Michels is a psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst in Paris and Luxembourg; member of Espace analytique (Paris), Après-coup (New York), Psychoanalytisches Kolleg (Berlin); author of numerous articles; editor of Actualité de l’hystérie (2001), Les limites du corps, le corps comme limite (2005), Norm, Normalität, Gesetz (2012).

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Psychotherapy off the Couch

Psychotherapy Off the Couch

The Pandemic Effect on Your Psyche with Trish Murphy

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ICP Launches New Podcast – Psychotherapy Off the Couch!

The Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP) Launches a New Podcast, Psychotherapy Off the Couch!

With this podcast Psychotherapy Off the Couch, ICP has brought together a collaboration of experienced and well-known psychotherapists, who are aware that the general public is eager to know more about how to look after their mental wellbeing.

The Irish Council for Psychotherapy wants to make a vibrant contribution to the national conversation on mental health.

Psychotherapy has a unique insight into the recent pandemic and the mental health issues of our time. This past year has been like no other and psychotherapists have been responding on Zoom to stressed parents, adolescents, children and couples and to those who feel depressed and alone. “The issues and struggles that are dealt with in psychotherapy are mostly complex and multi-layered and, as in life itself, the answers are not neat, complete and definite. In this way psychotherapy reflects the life we live and the struggles we have, something that makes this podcast so interesting.”

Its debut programme The Pandemic Effect on Your Psyche being launched today 13th May 2021, looks at the pandemic’s effects on our mental health.

With additional episodes being released every week, the podcast will give listeners a greater understanding of how to care for their inner worlds. Psychotherapy Off the Couch will become a go-to resource for those seeking answers about psychotherapy and to see if it is a route worth exploring for them.

The podcast is hosted by clinical psychotherapist, Stephanie Regan.  She explores diverse, challenging and highly emotive subjects with her guests, and casts a bright light into an area that, until now has remained in the quiet of the therapy room.

The topics include:

  1. The Pandemic Effect on Your Psyche with Trish Murphy
  2. Using Play as a Language in the Clinic of the Child with Joanna Fortune
  3. More Than Talk! How Psychotherapy Differs from Other Forms of Help with John O’Connor
  4. The Trouble with Relationships with Marie Walshe
  5. Facing the Demons with Rob Weatherill
  6. The Question of Abuse with Eileen Finnegan

Stephanie comments: “This podcast, Psychotherapy Off the Couch, is a wonderful project to be involved with, as we emerge from the challenging times of the pandemic.”

The podcast can be downloaded from Buzzsprout.

About Stephanie Regan

Stephanie Regan is a Clinical Psychotherapist. She works in private practice in Dublin, Ireland. She is a frequent contributor to media – radio, TV and in print. Stephanie is a graduate of University College Dublin, where she also studied Mathematics, Economics and Social Work.

New and Amended Bye Laws 2020-21 with tracked changes

New and amended Bye Laws 2020-21 with tracked changes

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The Culture-Breast in Psychoanalysis

We are fed at the breast of culture, not wholly but to differing degrees. The Culture-Breast in Psychoanalysis: Cultural Experiences and the Clinic focuses on the formative influence of cultural objects in our lives, and the contribution such experiences make to our mental health and overall well-being.

The book introduces ‘the culture-breast’, a new clinical concept, to explore the central importance played by cultural objects in the psychical lives of patients and psychoanalytic clinical practitioners inside and outside the consulting room. Bringing together clinical writings from psychoanalysis and cultural objects from the applied fields of film, art, literature and music, the book also makes an argument for the usefulness of encounters with cultural objects as ‘non-clinical case studies’ in the training and further professional development of psychoanalysts and psychotherapists. Through its engagement with psychosocial studies, this text, furthermore, interrogates, challenges and offers a way through a hierarchical split that has become established in psychoanalysis between ‘clinical psychoanalysis’ and ‘applied psychoanalysis’.

Combining approaches used in clinical, academic and arts settings, The Culture-Breast in Psychoanalysis is an essential resource for clinical practitioners of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, counselling, psychology and psychiatry. It will also be of interest to researchers and practitioners in the fields of psychosocial studies, sociology, social work, cultural studies and the creative and performing arts.

Table of Contents: Series Editors’ Preface; Foreword by R.D. Hinshelwood; Preface: A the breast of culture; 1. Thinking clinically with the psychosocial; 2. Encounters with cultural objects as case study; 3. The culture-breast; Afterword: Experience and the no-breast; References; Index.

Noreen Giffney MIFPP, MICP, MNIIHR, MUKCP, MCPJA is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, a psychosocial theorist and the director of the ‘Psychoanalysis +’ initiative. She lives in County Donegal and is a Lecturer in Counselling at Ulster University in Belfast.


‘A subtle, imaginative and brilliant work; The Culture-Breast in Psychoanalysis proposes an entirely new way of understanding the relationship between psychoanalysis and culture. It proposes that cultural experiences available through film, literature, music and the visual and performing arts can offer a frame, a space, and an encounter with an object, much like the “breast” in early infantile life, so that we can, in a psychoanalytic sense, “learn from experience”’. Lisa Baraitser, Professor of Psychosocial Theory, Birkbeck, University of London, and Psychoanalyst, M. Inst. Psychoanalysis.

‘It is an experiment in reaching between the heights of conceptualisations on the one hand, and the depth of personal experience on the other. It is this “reaching-between” that we need to accomplish in a much more everyday way, as these reflections portray. We must be as well as have our experiences’. From the Foreword by R.D. Hinshelwood, Psychoanalyst, and Emeritus Professor of Psychoanalysis, University of Essex.

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New and amended Bye Laws since IAHIP AGM 2020 (PDF 1.5mb)

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Jouissance, Really? (A Seminar with Darian Leader)

Jouissance, Really? (A Seminar with Darian Leader) by Freud Lacan institute (Fli)

Date: Saturday, April 24th 2021

Time: 1pm – 4pm

Location: Zoom Webinar

Cost: €30

Register via Eventbrite

Seminar w/renowned psychoanalyst & writer Darian Leader critically exploring jouissance, organised by FLi in collaboration with APPI

About this Event

Seminar Description: Although “jouissance” is generally taken to be a sophisticated concept for advanced Lacanians, its contemporary use suggests that it is little more than a descriptor for disparate states that blocks further research. Exploring its sources in Freud and its development in Lacan opens up the study of admixtures of pleasure and pain, sexuality and suffering, and helps us to re-situate concepts such as autoerotism and the subject.

Seminar takes place by Zoom 13:00-16:00 Dublin-GMT:

Darian Leader is a psychoanalyst working in London and a member of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research (CFAR). A major contributor to the field of psychoanalysis, his books include ‘What is Madness?’, ‘Strictly Bipolar’, ‘Hands’ and ‘Why Can’t We Sleep?’ He has also regularly contributed articles on psychoanalysis to The Guardian.

3 CPD points will be awarded by APPI to attendees.

Those with difficulty with the fee should write to

Seminar is organised by FLi in collaboration with APPI (Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland)

APPI is the Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland. In existence for more than two decades, it is dedicated to the practice and teaching of Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis. APPI is the largest professional membership organisation for psychoanalytic psychotherapists and psychoanalysts in Ireland. Full members of APPI are members of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy.



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Melanie Klein Trust Webinar: Authors in Conversation

Melanie Klein Trust Webinar:  Authors in Conversation

Date: Saturday 20th March, 2021

Time: 4pm-5.30pm

Venue: Online via Zoom

Organised by: The Melanie Klein Trust

Tickets: £20 (for concessions see below) including access to a recording of the event for one month and a discount code for 20% off the book price. Book your place now.

Authenticity in the Psychoanalytic Encounter”   

 Irma Brenman Pick will be discussing her book of papers with psychoanalyst Penelope Garvey

In this important body of work, Brenman Pick presents vivid clinical narratives that demonstrate her interest in the early roots of conflict in her patients, and her skill in addressing these in the here-and-now of the psychoanalytic encounter. Using the book as a touchpoint, the conversation will explore her original contributions to psychoanalytic thinking in areas such as countertransference, authenticity, adolescence and sexual identity.

There are free tickets available for students.

For full details click here

Group Supervision – Jim Fitzgibbon

Group Supervision

Why joining a supervision group is important?

When we gather in the shared interest of our clients’ healing, something special is happening:-

Stronger resilience emerges by our allowing ourselves to be supported by a group. Group resilience is certainly needed to cope with the recent uncertainty of Covid 19 restrictions in society.

The core philosophy of the supervision group is:

  • Creating a clear working alliance, conversations manifesting as boundaries.
  • Experiences shared informs the ground on which we are.
  • Sharing present experience, authentically, always informs the work.


Instead of feeling isolation, group friendship and support is experienced in between sessions as a warmth.

Feedback from the range of knowledge of other members in the group multiplies the feelings of safety, solidarity and confidence we need to meet the challenges of being a psychotherapist.

One past supervisee said: “Thanks for all the learning and insights. Enjoyed our time together.”

Workshop Details

When: Sessions will take place on a monthly basis on Wednesday mornings, starting 31st March 2021 from 10am.

Duration: Sessions are two hours with a maximum of four supervisees

Delivery: Sessions will be delivered through Zoom video conferencing in line with Covid 19 guidelines.

James FitzGibbon – Bio

A graduate in 2007 with a diploma in gestalt psychotherapy awarded by the Gestalt Institute of Ireland, I am a gestalt psychotherapist. A member of IAHIP since the beginning I maintained my core interest in psychotherapy by attending GII’s CPD training weeks/weekends in Ireland and abroad.

I realise that I love working with the topic and experiences related to suffering and supporting the relief of pain. When suffering emerges into the therapeutic relationship, what I find emerges simultaneously is relief (from suffering), beauty.

I am an IAHIP accredited supervisor with four years experience facilitating supervision groups.

If you have an interest in joining a supervision group, I would be delighted to have an introductory call to discuss …read more

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On the Death Drive: An Ethical Challenge for Our Time

On the Death Drive: An Ethical Challenge for Our Time

by Espace Analytique Ireland- Psychoanalytic Training and Freudian Research

A Seminar with Dr André Michels

Date: Saturday, March 20th, 2021

Time: 10am (Ireland)

Location: Online

Cost: €30

In his Seminar VII, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis, Lacan is reconsidering the Western ethical tradition with regard to the Freudian cut. Its radical newness consists in his drive doctrine (Trieblehre) situating the death drive in the very centre of the unconscious and as the main reference point of the psychoanalytic practice and theory.

Dr André Michels is a psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst in Paris and Luxembourg; member of Espace analytique (Paris), Après-coup (New York), Psychoanalytisches Kolleg (Berlin); author of numerous articles; editor of Actualité de l’hystérie (2001), Les limites du corps, le corps comme limite (2005), Norm, Normalität, Gesetz (2012).

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