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Paul Rebillot’s classic ‘Hero’s Journey’ Workshop


A Seven-Day Residential Paul Rebillot Workshop Presented by The Fool’s Dance Gestalt Company

The ‘Slí an Chroí’ Centre, Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow, October 26th to November 1st, 2019.

Another opportunity to experience the classic Paul Rebillot therapeutic structure.

Do you have a sense that there could be more to life than the way that you are living now? Do you experience an inner yearning for transformation? Paul Rebillot’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ workshop could help you respond to that call from your deeper self. The workshop – an exciting group structure combining classical Gestalt process and groupwork with elements of myth, theatre, ritual, music, art and movement – is a modern-day Rite of Passage. While each participant will gain their own individual insights from the process, at its core the ‘Hero’s Journey’ focuses on the tension that can arise between the profound attraction of that inner ‘Call to Adventure’ and the difficulties that many of us experience in responding positively to the prospect of change. The ‘Hero’s Journey’ workshop has a particular relevance to today’s world when so much thatso recently seemed to be firmly set in stone is now being shaken to its foundations.

Significant change challenges us to move from one level of being to another and such a step into the unknown can call up strong resistance. Traditional societies used Rites of Passage – overseen by a ritual master or shaman – to ceremonialise, celebrate and guide members of the community on their journey through important life stages such as birth, puberty, adulthood, marriage, eldership and death. Importantly, these rituals also taught the initiates that change was part of the normal order of things and showed them ways of dealing with …read more

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Sex Work: Contemporary discourses and the therapeutic context


Date: 25th September 2019

Time: 6.30p.m.

Venue: Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2.

Topic: Sex Work: Contemporary discourses and the therapeutic context


  • Rebekah Leacy
  • Adeline Berry
  • Kate McGrew
  • Miriam Ryan

All will speak on the same topic, but from different points of view.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) = 2 hours. CPD certificates will be issued by the Family Therapy Assoc. of Ireland (FTAI). See you @ the Systemic Cafe

Date for your Diary Systemic Cafe 25th September 2019

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Monica Whyte, President EFTA, opens EFTA conference in Naples

Monica Whyte President EFTA

Monica Whyte, President EFTA and FTAI member, opens EFTA Conference in Naples on 11th September 2019.. Title: Visible and Invisible: Bordering Change in Systemic Family Therapy. FTAI wishes you all the best, Monica.

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CORU Statutory Regulation

Key Milestones and Processes

  • Minister for Health declared his intention to regulate Counsellor and Psychotherapist professions
  • There was a public consultation by the Dept of Health (submissions from ICP & individual registrants & members of IAHIP; submissions also from other bodies incl IACP)
  • Minister declared his intention to have two registers [Counsellor and Psychotherapist] under one registration board
  • State Boards Appointment Agency announced opening of applications for appointment to the CORU psychotherapists and counsellors registration board.
  • Agency sent shortlist of names to Minister who appointed a board

…. Yet to happen …

  • The registration board regulates both professions under the aegis of the Coru Council as specified by the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005
  • The Registration Board uses rules and bye-laws to regulate the profession
  • In keeping with the ethos of CORU there is to be Public Consultation about the specifics of the rules for admission to the psychotherapists register.



  • The opening of the register*
  • The 24 month transition phase for EXISTING practitioners to register under special provisions intended to facilitate inclusion
  • The ending of the 24 month transition phase of the register and the commencement of the ordinary phase of the register (after which only practitioners with qualifications on the approved list or who are presenting foreign qualifications for assessment of equivalence will be admitted to the register).

4 Routes Onto The Register For EXISTING PRACTITIONERS During The Transition Phase (First 24 Months)

  • The list of approved qualifications
  • The Schedule 3 qualifications (transition phase only)
  • Other Qualifications
  • Assessment of Competence (transition phase only)


The CEO of CORU has said that they seek to make it possible for existing practitioners to be included on the register where possible. The four layers are designed to …read more

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Dr. Harry Barry – Working with Clients with Anxiety – Workshop

Dr. Harry Barry

Working with Clients with Anxiety

3.5 CPD Points.

Date & Location Details;

Saturday, 21st September, 9:30 am – 1:00 pm

University of Limerick

Tickets from €70;

Details of workshop;

In this workshop, Dr. Barry will demonstrate the role of neuroscience in the causation and treatment of anxiety and panic.

He will explain what it is about our minds and brains that generates the symptoms of anxiety and discuss the use of psychoeducation to help clients understand and identify those signs and symptoms.

He will explain how to support clients to make lifestyle changes and use mindfulness, exercise and CBT techniques to cope with and manage their issues. All skills-based training.

Certificate of attendance with 3.5 CPD Points upon completion.

Dr. Barry’s Bio;

Dr. Harry Barry is a renowned and highly respected GP, consultant and author of numerous books on the subjects of anxiety, panic, stress & resilience. He is a regular contributor to national press and media and, for the past four years, has featured monthly on Today with Sean O’ Rourke on RTE Radio 1. He is one of Ireland’s most knowledgeable speakers on the subject of anxiety and panic attacks.

An experienced medical doctor Dr. Barry has worked as a senior GP for over thirty-five years. He has a long-standing interest in mental health especially the management of anxiety, depression, toxic stress, prevention of suicide and how developing emotional resilience can transform mental health.

Having retired from full-time general practice in 2013 Dr. Barry now works on a consultancy basis combining clinics, writing, media, and public information lectures as well as assisting fellow GP’s, nurses and therapists with lectures and workshops.

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14 Sep 2019 08:00 : Circumcision – Video Art Presentation by Robin Buick RHA

Following the extraordinary interest after its first showing at this year’s IPAA conference, we are hosting a special showing with Q&A from the artist

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28 Sep 2019 08:00 : Contemporary Clinical Pathways in the treatment of Eating Disorders

Speaker: Harriet Parsons, Training & Development Manager, Bodywhys,Former Chair APPI

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Our son stole from us to fund his cocaine habit

IRISH TIMES 7th August 2019

Tell me about it: We cleared his debt and he promised to stop taking drugs but now he is partying again

PROBLEM: We were always very proud of our son. He is 24 years of age and still lives at home. He is our only child and up until recently treated us with great respect. We always knew he was fairly bright, but he struggled academically and, unlike his cousins and peers, did not go to college directly. We were never really concerned as he has a gregarious personality and we were confident he would make his own way in life.

After school, he managed to talk his way into a sales job and undertook a few short courses. Two years ago, he secured employment in a large, fast-paced firm where everything is focused on deadlines and commission. Initially, he seemed very happy and delighted to be working as part of a team and has had amazing travel opportunities. About six months ago, my wife noticed he was partying more than normal and often with different people. She also thought he was not as happy as usual and starting to be dismissive of both of us.

Since he became an adult, we had never minded him bringing girls home, but recently there have been a number of strangers at our breakfast table, which can be uncomfortable. About a month ago, things came to a head when he took my credit card and withdrew a large sum of money. He has used my card in the past but never without permission. It was the first time I had ever been really angry with him.

He broke down crying, saying he had started using a bit of cocaine to help him keep up with his workload, but that he was now …read more

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IAHIP Supervisors Forum – Reflective Conversations to Support Supervisors


IAHIP Supervisors Forum – Saturday 21st September 2019

“Reflective Conversations to support Supervisors“

An invitation to IAHIP supervisors to engage in conversations on the following themes:

Dilemmas & challenges in the practice of supervision…

Supervisor / Supervisee relationship dynamics…

Different approaches to supervision…

The psycho-educational dimension of supervision…

Venue – Ashling Hotel, Dublin

Registration from 9:30a.m.

Start 10:30 a.m. – Finish 4:30 p.m.

Note: CPD points awarded.

Lunch & refreshments not provided.

Workshop Flyer

Please email to book your place

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Professional Diploma in Clinical Supervision

Professional Diploma in Clinical Supervision (PAC Code: DC768)

One-year, part-time, NFQ Level 9

Applications are invited for the DCU School of Nursing and Human Sciences, Professional Diploma in Clinical Supervision, commencing September 2019. This course is suitable for experienced and accredited counsellors, psychotherapists and mental health practitioners who are seeking professional and career development in clinical supervision. It is also suitable for supervisors who are currently providing supervision but do not have formal supervision training. The Professional Diploma in Clinical Supervision provides a comprehensive university accredited training in the dominant theoretical approaches, conceptual models and modes of clinical supervision, taking an integrative, relational and evidence-based approach to supervision practice. Students will have the opportunity to apply supervision knowledge and skills to professional supervision practice with supervisees. The course involves 100 hours of training delivered on a modular basis between September and April, as well as internal and external supervision practice, in line with IAHIP and IACP criteria for supervision training.

Apply: by 23rd June 2019

Further information:

E-mail: Dr Rita Glover, or Dr Aisling McMahon,

P: 01 700 7936 / 01 700 7915


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