Standards in Psychotherapy: Letter to the Irish Times

Irish Times, Saturday 27th October 2007.
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In the light of Sylvia Thompsons article  Is Psychotherapy losing touch with reality? (Health Supplement October 23rd 2007), and of recent events being covered in the media, I would like to clarify issues around standards in psychotherapy in Ireland today.

Psychotherapy in Ireland is regulated by The Irish Council for Psychotherapy. We have currently over 1,050 psychotherapists on our register.

The purpose of the ICP is:

  • to promote and maintain the highest standards of training and professional conduct among psychotherapists
  • to develop psychotherapy as an independent profession
  • to represent the majority of psychotherapists in Ireland to the public, the media and the Government

ICP standards have been agreed by all the major psychotherapy organisations in Europe. The total duration of the training for psychotherapists accredited with ICP is 3,200 hours spread over a minimum of seven years.

The Code of Ethics of the ICP obliges therapist to uphold a high standard of professional competence and personal conduct in their practice with their clients. We also have a complaints and disciplinary procedure.
We are seeking to have our profession statutorily regulated and are currently working with other mainstream psychotherapy organisations on proposals in this regard for submission to the Minister for Health & Children.
Further information available at:
Yours sincerely,

Chairperson: Irish Council for Psychotherapy
Quinns Road, Shankill, Co. Dublin.