Alan Carr Book Launch 2009

Alan Carr Book Launch 2009

On Tuesday evening, 7th April 2009, I attended the Book Launch of Professor Alan Carr’s book: “What works with Children, Adolescents and Adults? A Review of Research on th Effectiveness of Psycotherapy”

The Launch took place in the Clinton Auditorium, UCD Belfield.

As many of you may know, in 2005, ICP commissioned Professor Alan Carr, Professor of Clinical Psychology in UCD, to produce a review of research in Psychotherapy.  As he was already working on his book at that stage, he agreed to divert his energies to producing a document for ICP which would reflect the essential content of his book.  This was printed and launched in June 2007 and has been of immense value to ICP in our work since then.

Prior to the Book Launch, Professor Joseph Blader of Stony Brook University, New York, delivered the guest lecture, entitled “The Effectiveness of multimodal treatment of Childhood Disorders with combined psychological and pharmacological therapies”.  Professor Blader presented the results of controlled trials which have shown the effect of these multimodal programmes in the treatment of conditions such as ADHD, childhood depression and obsessive compulsive disorder in adolescents.

Following Professor Blader’s lecutre, Ms. Laverne McGuinness, National Director of Primary,Community and Continuing Care with the HSE, officiated at the launch of Professor Carr’s book.  Ms McGuinness spoke of the imperative to encourage the provision of Talking Therapies for patients in the public service.


Chair: ICP