An Introduction To Relational Assessment & Creative Process In Adolescent Psychotherapy

Dates:  5th, 6th, 7th March

Fee: €340

Venue: Castlebar Counselling and Therapy Centre

Facilitator:Bronagh Starrs MIAHIP

This three-day training workshop will focus on two aspects of psychotherapeutic contact with adolescent clients:

We will explore how understanding and supporting the adolescent’s environmental context is a key aspect of therapy with teenagers. The training will focus  on cultivating the relational field i.e. engaging the adolescent and his/her parents – developing a consultative alliance with parents, supporting adolescent-parent relational connections, coaching parents in the art of strategic adolescent parenting, meeting the adolescent at the heart of his/her experience etc. This will include the micro-skills of how to conduct a relational assessment and intervene to manage shame in the encounter, and how to make initial contact with the adolescent.

The second focus of the training will involve supporting the development of the adolescent’s inner world through expressive arts and therapeutic devices e.g. art and sandwork with adolescent clients; using board games to create structure and holding; exploring the adolescent’s phenomenological experience through music, creative writing and other creative pursuits etc. This aspect of the training will also include an appreciation of the timing and appropriateness of introducing particular creative ways of working to support adolescent process – always being mindful of developmental considerations, levels of internal and external support, and the presence of psychological trauma.

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