12 Apr 2013 20:00 : Gollum Shadow or Guide in the Darkness

12th April 2013 Start: 8pm


Gollum Shadow or Guide in the Darkness?


Aileen Young


Gollum is a central character in J.R.R Tolkien’s epic tale, The Lord of the Rings. His preoccupation with the ring, which he calls his ‘Precious’, results in him becoming a literal shadow of the Hobbits he is pursuing while trying to get the Ring. Symbolically, he is also a shadow figure, representing all the qualities that civilized Hobbits, and humans, find repulsive and abhorrent. Can you imagine Gollum as your ‘new best friend’? Would you be ready to trust this slimy, smelly, dirty, untrustworthy murderer to lead you to ‘the Land where the Shadows Lie?


In this talk, the focus of attention will be on the mercurial nature of Gollum and on his relationship with Frodo, as a means of exploring the psychological aspects, and the consequences of confrontation with the Shadow.


Aileen Young is a Jungian Analyst, and a former Chairperson of IAPA. She works in private practice in north county Dublin and has given lectures on Jungian topics on several training courses in Dublin.


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