Advanced Mindfulness Courses

Autumn Mindfulness workshops at Oscailt:

Advanced Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness and Beyond

 Mindfulness is rooted in a particular psychological matrix which is compatible with although different from our western psychological models.  This course will explore the psychology of mindfulness placing it within the context of Buddhist psychology and comparing it with our own psychological models.   During the course we will examine and discuss:


  • 1.          The Anatomy of Mindfulness
  • 2.        The ‘self’ from the perspective of mindfulness
  • 3.        Eastern and Western approaches to well/ill being
  • 4.       The unconscious from Eastern and Western perspectives
  • 5.        The 7 factors that support mindfulness
  • 6.       The 5 factors that hinder the cultivation of mindfulness.

     Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Satipatthána Sutta)

    All mindfulness trainings, including MBSR and MBCT, are based on the Satipatthána Sutta. This sutta (text) is recognised by all schools of Buddhism as the most fundamental and comprehensive teaching on the practice of mindfulness. It outlines the four places – body, feelings, mind and objects of mind – where mindfulness is cultivated.  During the course we will explore this text and engage in some of the practices outlined to deepen our understanding of mindfulness.


    The above courses will be run between September and December 2013.  Please check our website for more details.


    These courses will be facilitated by Mary O’Callaghan IAHIP EAP.  As well as being an experienced mindfulness trainer, Mary is an accredited psychotherapist and supervisor.  She has an MA in Jungian Studies. Before becoming a psychotherapist she lived as a buddhist nun and underwent intensive training in buddhist psychology and meditation practices.  She is now committed to integrating mindfulness practices into everyday life.

    Residential Retreat:  Mindfulness of the Body  

    This retreat, led by Mary O’Callaghan, will take place on Cape Clear Island between 20th and 23rd Sept 2013.  (For information on this retreat check our website.)


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