Post Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy

 Galway Psychotherapy & Consulting



September 2013 to March 2014

For Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Coaches, Psychologists, Allied Health and Social Work Practitioners, Educators, Training & Development Professionals.

 Led By

Mike O’Halloran,

M.A., B.A., E.C.P., M.I.A.H.I.P., M.I.A.C.P., E.A.P., E.M.C.C.

Post Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy

Introduction to the Programme

The purpose of the Programme is to provide participants with a core understanding of Gestalt principles and techniques which they can incorporate into their existing Professional Practice. In addition the Programme aims to heighten the Awareness of participants in a way which leads to greater Personal and Professional efficacy.

Who Can Apply For the Programme?

The Programme is open to Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Coaches & Psychologists. In addition, the Programme has been taken by many Allied Professionals, Social Workers, Health Care Professionals, Educators and Training & Development Professionals who wish to enhance their Skills base and Self-Awareness.

Style of the Programme

The Programme is highly experiential. Participants learn about themselves, their clients and Gestalt largely through participating in a structured series of Gestalt exercises and Large Group/Small Group Process. Time is given to practice in the Gestalt way of working with feedback from the Group Leader and Peers. In addition the underlying theory of Gestalt is introduced in a way which is directly relevant to Programme Participants.

Post Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy

 Programme Content

 The Gestalt Cycle of Experience

-Sensation & Desensitisation

-Awareness & Deflection

-Mobilisation & Introjection

-Action & Projection

-Contact & Retroflection

-Satisfaction & Egotism

-Withdrawal & Confluence

Body Awareness

Working with Body Awareness

Unfinished Business

The I-Thou Dialogic Relationship

Existentialism as the Foundation of Gestalt

The Phenomenological Method

Group Supervision

Programme Venue, Dates, and Cost.

The Programme will be held in the Galway Rape Crisis Centre, “The Lodge”, Foster Court, Galway and will run over six two day modules, from to each Saturday, and from to 4pm each Saturday.

Module 1:  Sat & Sun September 21st & 22nd

Module 2:  Sat & Sun November 9th & 10th

Module 3:  Sat & Sun December 7th & 8th

Module 4:  Sat & Sun January 11th & 12th

Module 5:  Sat & Sun February 1st & 2nd

Module 6:  Sat & Sun March 1st & 2nd

The cost of the Programme is E1590

Post Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy

 Programme Leader- Mike O’Halloran

Mike is a Trainer & Psychotherapist. Hundreds of Professionals have attended his workshops and trainings in Gestalt and Existentialist Psychotherapy over two decades. The one year Certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy has been held since 1998. Some of Mike’s other workshops & trainings have included ‘Working with Relationship Issues,’ ‘Existentialist Psychotherapy Intensive,’ ‘The Shadow & Projection.’ He trained in Counselling & Psychotherapy at DurhamUniversity, Metanoia & the GerdaBoysenCenter. He is Joint Director of Galway Psychotherapy & Consulting, and Coach Institute of Ireland.

Reservation Details

If you are interested in taking a place on the Programme you will be invited to have an interview with Mike. This will provide an opportunity for you to find out more about the Programme, and for us both to see if it’s suitable for you. If you are offered a place on the Programme and would like to accept, a non-refundable deposit of E500 will be required, payable to Galway Psychotherapy & Consulting.

To arrange your interview call Mike on 091-861638. Mobile: 086-8391756

Galway Psychotherapy & Consulting, 1 Devon Place, The Crescent, Galway

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