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     Certificate in Integrative Supervision



Supervision in some form is viewed as a key component of many professions in the provision of support to practitioners, enhancement of ongoing learning, and, to a greater or lesser degree, it offers some protection to the public. This course is intended for people from a variety of disciplines who are intending, beginning or already practising supervisors.  It is designed to enable individuals to extend their understanding and knowledge of supervision, incorporating theoretical input with opportunities for group discussion and experiential exercises.



This course will be of interest to professionals who work in an integrative manner. It will be of particular interest to counsellors, psychotherapists, guidance counsellors, psychologists, healthcare professionals, probation officers, social services personnel, managers, and all who supervise the work of others in the helping professions.


  • Definitions and purpose of supervision.
  • Models of the supervisory process will be explored including those of Page and Wosket, Hawkins and Shohet.
  • Learning Styles.
  • Consideration of the training development and supervisory needs of supervisors.
  • Opportunities to role-play in triads as supervisor, supervisee and observer, using participants’ own case work.
  • Exploration of transference, counter-transference and the parallel process.
  • Reflection on the similarities and differences of supervision in a one-to-one, group or organisational context.
  • Consideration of Multicultural, Ethical and Professional issues.


The core ethos of IICP is to provide a student centred, warm and supportive learning environment. The programme is highly interactive, experiential and taught through lectures, small group work, role-play and assignments.


Day One:          Thurs 23 May 2013                  Day Two:         Fri 24 May 2013

Day Three:       Sat 22 June 2013                     Day Four:         Sat 20 July 2013

Day Five:          Sat 24 August 2013                  Day Six:           Thurs 12 September 2013

Day Seven:       Fri 13 September 2013            Day Eight:         Fri 11 October 2013

Day Nine:         Thurs 07 November 2013        Day Ten:          Fri 24 January 2014

Day Eleven:      Fri 28 February 2014               Day Twelve:     Fri 21 March 2014

Day Thirteen:    Fri 09 May 2014

Class will run each date from 9.00am-5.00pm in IICP.

Certificate in Integrative Supervision – Information and Registration Form


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