01 Nov 2013 17:00 : Sligo Balint Symposium






SLIGO, WEST of IRELAND, November, 2013


Friday November 1st to Sunday November 3rd




The Balint Society takes its name from Psychoanalysts Michael and Enid Balint, who began work in the 1950s to help General Practitioners reach a better understanding of the emotional content of the doctor-patient relationship and so improve their therapeutic potential.


We are thus very pleased to announce that the very first Balint Group Method weekend Workshop in the South of Ireland. This is a direct follow on from the very successful ‘launch’ of Balint that took place in Belfast last November.


This workshop then will be of interest to many professional groups – including general practitioners, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and psychologists, with or without previous Balint experience – because whilst the method was originally developed with general practitioners in mind it is applicable across a wide range of disciplines and learning contexts.


In this framework the core belief is framed upon being able to present one’s concerns, dilemmas, difficulties, “stuckness” with patients / clients in a group context and then sit back and listen as a group of fellow professionals free associate and reflect on what has been presented.


Thus the Balint group experience provides a framework for reflecting on our professional practice. The work aims not only to increase therapeutic effectiveness with patients/ clients but also to help develop self-awareness and strengthen the practitioner’s own capacity to manage the stresses and strains involved in such complex work.


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