Hakomi Training Ireland


Assisted self discovery by Ron Kurtz – Hakomi Method

 Experience the practice of Hakomi in assisting mindful exploration of self, enhancing the client therapist relationship.

  • In the simplest terms, we help people who are seeking to understand themselves, especially those habits operating outside of present awareness, where that is possible. 
  • We do this by providing a loving context in which it can be done and by offering explora­tory experiments with the person in a mindful, self-observing state’.

“This method is based on the idea that, in many important ways, we do not know ourselves. This particular ignorance, not really knowing who we are, is the condition through which much un­necessary suffering arises…one of the functions of our minds is to make themselves as invisible as possible”.

Ron Kurtz 2008     http://www.hakomiway.ca


Introductory day – 25th May 2013. Radisson Blu, Athlone, Fee €90.00

Donna Martin – Hakomi Canada

July 12th to 14th, 2013. Bray, Co Wicklow                       * Fee, €450.00

Ginny Bennett- Hakomi UK

November 15th to 17th , 2013. Bray, Co Wicklow             # Fee, €325.00

Ginny Bennett – Hakomi UK

February 7th 8th 9th , 2014. Bray, Co Wicklow                  # Fee €325.00

  • * Early bird  of €390.00  will apply if paid in full before 1st June
  • # Early bird of €300.00 will apply if paid in full 1 month before

For details and bookings contact:


Eugene Mc Hugh MIACP: 087 135 7891    Tara Hynes MIAHIP: 086 395 2535

Joannes Berkery 086 338 3398


Email :- info@nullhakomiireland.ie


Web site will be launched soon,  www.hakomiireland.ie

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