Curing Psychosis– Dr Bob Johnson


by cutting its traumatic roots

an introductory half-day workshop

for sufferers, supporters, professionals, families & all

Saturday, 6th July 2013, 1-5pm

The Bewleys Hotel, Leopardstown, Dublin 18

 20 minutes by the Luas from St. Stephens Green

 Dr Bob Johnson

expert in trauma treatment

& Derry, 8 psychotic breaks in 23 years – never ever again


Psychosis is terrifying – ignorance of what’s wrong perpetuates the suffering. Video analysis (& chat) shows where the terror comes from, and how to stop it.  The healthy parts of the mind are used to remedy the bits which don’t work – optimism, hope and delight are restored, because 100% cure becomes possible. 


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€10 unwaged, €20 waged, €50 institutions.

€0- a few


1.    look in the right place

2.     the sufferer works hardest

3.     help find the sufferer’s software bug

4.     use only Truth, Trust and Consent = Healing Hand Of Kindness Plus Insight.

5.     learn and then know 100%, there’s a 100% cure

6.     never ever, ever, ever give up

‘PSYCHOSIS’ here covers all psychotic symptoms, including all varieties of psychoses, ‘schizophrenias’, all ‘depressions’ manic or otherwise, bipolar, BPD, PD, ADHDs, anorexias, irrationalities, what have you – all are really variants of PTSD.

1.    look in the right place – not in the brain chemicals, but in the memories – somewhere in there is a ‘false belief’, a toxic factoid, along the lines that “I need Dad/Mum to survive”.  I.e. look for infantism – the transfer into adult life of infant survival strategies.  It’s a ‘bottled up’ disorder – needs unbottling.  Ditch the DSM.

2.     the sufferer works hardest – what we’re asking for is that the sufferer swap their very foundation stones – their very mental security – hard work, requiring buckets of reliability and trustworthiness.


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