A Day for Therapists and Teachers of Mindfulness with Professor Paul Gilbert

A Day for Therapists and Teachers of Mindfulness with:

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

An Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy

WHERE …. Avila Retreat Centre, Donnybrook, Dublin 4
WHEN …… Thursday 31st October
TIME ……. 10am -4.30
Cost……… €75.00 (not including lunch)

This workshop will introduce people to the basic model of compassion focused therapy (CFT). CFT began with the problem of people saying they could understand the logic of cognitive therapy but even with changing their thoughts struggled to feel different. CFT is an evolution based model of psychopathology and is focused on the emotional systems that give rise to the feelings of reassurance and affect change. These are primarily affiliative-based systems. Participants will learn about the link between affiliative emotion, cognitive and behavioural change, and how shame and self-criticism blocks this emotion system.

The first part of the workshop will cover the basic concepts with PowerPoint presentations and video displays. The second part of the workshop will provide some experiential opportunities to practice some of the imagery, behavioural and meditation exercises

By the end of the workshop participants will have
• an overview of the evolutionary model that underpins CFT
• insight into the three types of affect regulation system
• an understanding of the role of attachment mechanisms in affect change
• an understanding of the complexities and conflicts within the threat system processing.
• insight into the CFT model of compassion which is based on two different psychologies:1 capacities for engagement with suffering and 2. abilities to alleviate it
• some experience of core CFT exercises that will include
• soothing breathing rhythm and body focusing
• development of the concept of compassionate self
• development of compassionate imagery
• using the compassionate self to engage threat system processing

Bookings: Helen Byrne, 9 Montpelier Gardens, Dublin 7.
Or contact: helen.byrne@nullmindfulness.ie
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