Irish Group for Systemic Constellation Work Formerly (The Bert Hellinger Institute of Ireland).

Continuing Professional Development 2014

Deepening into Contactful Presence using Constellations For participants already familiar with Constellation work.

Module 1: Praxis: January 18 – 19, 2014: 

Praxis: with Colette Green and Carmel O Connor

Module 2: Presence:  April 5 – 6, 2014: 

We are delighted to welcome back to Ireland Phillipa Lubbock whose healing work, life alignment and attunement takes the authenticity of constellation work to a deeper level.

 Module 3:  Contact:  June 27-28-29, 2014:

Albrecht Mahr returns for the third time to give us three days of his mastery in family constellations working to deepen our contact.

 Module 4:  September 20 – 21, 2014:

One day in the arena (Blarney) and one day at Mardyke house (Cork). Moving with presence and in contact we clear the space and enter un-entangled

Introducing constellation work with horses (on the ground and no previous contact with horses is necessary).  Horses are exquisite representatives and they mirror for us in an extraordinary way when we are open to their wisdom.  This module will offer us specific individual learning opening our field of connection and process of working with others.

 With: Deirdre Kennedy, Carmel O’Connor & Colette Green

Information and booking please contact Trainers:

Carmel: 0862260237/

Colette : 0868267687/

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