Sitting on the edge of intelligence

Disability Psychotherapy Ireland presents:

Sitting at the edge of intelligence:
how to work therapeutically with people with intellectual disabilities

A day seminar with Dr Alan Corbett

This seminar will examine some of the key issues in working therapeutically with people with intellectual disabilities.

The seminar will focus on:
Notions of Intelligence, Disability and Defence
The Therapeutic Alliance
Clinician attributes and experiences
Consent and Assessment
Organisations and systems
Private Practice

Further details:
The rights of people with intellectual disabilities to equal treatment,as enshrined in international legislation, continues to be flouted by too many psychotherapists and counsellors, as well as by the majority of trainings that refuse to teach trainees how to work with patients with disabilities. This seminar will examine how all clinicians, regardless of theoretical background, can ensure they are equipped to provide services for this significant section of our society.

The speaker will examine what personal and professional qualities are needed to build a secure therapeutic alliance with clients from all parts of the disability spectrum – mild, moderate and severe – and case examples from over two decades of practice will be used to illustrate what works and what doesn’t. The differences between working in private practice and within organisations will be examined, alongside new theoretical concepts such as the disabled transference and the disabled organisation.

The seminar will be of interest to a wide range of clinicians – including those completely new to disability therapy, and those already working in the field.

About the speaker:
Dr Corbett is a pioneer in the field of learning disability with over 2 decades of clinical practice experience.  He is former Clinical Director at Respond, the CARI (Children At Risk in Ireland) Foundation and ICAP (Immigrant Counselling & Psychotherapy).  He currently works in private practice and is a consultant psychotherapist, lecturer, researcher and author.

Venue: The Teacher’s Club, Parnell Square.
Time: 10

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