21st Birthday Stories


An Audience with IAHIP

Talk 1:

On the occasion of its 21st Anniversary IAHIP members became an audience and listened to Former Chairs Susan Lindsay  and Ger Murphy tell the story of IAHIP’s beginnings. Remembering and celebrating the work of twenty-one years, the stories gathered momentum and wove their magic as Brid Cummins enchanted us with the values of Deep Democracy and the consequences of not paying attention to everything in the system. The host is Pauline Dolan.  (Time 28:59)


Talk 2:

Devotees of Magic, the Limits of Argument, Politics without reason and Before the White Man Came.

Professor John Baker reunited with Edward Boyne try and reconcile the gap between politics, reason and research. The clip finishes with Ed Boyne reading two of his poems.

(Time 24:44)

Talk 3:

Gillian De Murtis, Isobel Mahon and Maeve Lewis.

IACP member Gillian De Murtus  shares her experience of a workshop she attended with Professor Ivor Brown. Isobel Mahon introduces us to her creative production A Box of Frogs and Maeve Lewis remembers how she felt when ten thousand people, in solidarity with those that had been hurt while in institutional care, marched silently through O’Connell Street and were honoured by spontaneous applause in June 2009.


Talk 4:

IAHIP’s 21st Anniversary wine reception and Chair’s Address.

Vice-chair Anne Colgan kicks off the Celebration of IAHIP’s 21 years, a newly accredited member fulfils a wish,  and old friends meet  new faces. Chair Eileen Prendeville addresses the members on the responsibilities of handling disclosures of child sexual abuse and believes IAHIP can be an “agent of change” to dispel the historical myth that “someone else is doing something.” (20:10)

Original post: Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy