Freedom, Choice, Death & Meaning


Galway Psychotherapy & Consulting

4th Annual Summer Workshop

Freedom, Choice, Death & Meaning

Exploring Existentialism


Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 26th, 27th & 28th June, 2014

Facilitated by Mike O’Halloran and Evelyn P.Gilmore

   The workshop provides an opportunity for psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, educators, managers, health care professionals, and allied professionals, to develop an awareness of core existentialist concerns, and how these concerns manifest both in helping relationships and in life.

Existentialist Philosophy and Psychotherapy has at its heart a concern with four central givens of human existence. These are: Our need to create Meaning, Our Freedom and Responsibility for our own lives, Our Mortality, and Existential Isolation. The manner in which a person deals or avoids dealing with these four ‘ultimate concerns,’ is seen as fundamental to whether the person is living authentically or choosing a life for him or her which is inauthentic. Avoidance or denial of these concerns will manifest significantly in neurosis; and hence to a greater of lesser extent in all therapeutic relationships, in life, and in the workplace.

During the workshop, participants will be provided with an opportunity to explore the following:

Choice & Freedom.

The Fear of Freedom

Gaining greater Freedom and expanding our sense of Choice

How we deal or avoid dealing with Meaning & Meaninglessness

Our responsibility to create Meaning

Our Mortality as the ultimate boundary experience

Existentialist Theory

Existentialist Angst, Ethics.

Working with Body Awareness

Gaining greater aliveness and excitement in our lives

Style of the Workshop

The learning over the three days is highly experiential with a focus on participant’s process and experience. We will use Gestalt work, Biodynamic work, attention to Dreams, and small and large group process. The work will include Music, Movement, Dance, Drawing, and Guided Visualisation to bring into the present, aspects of the participant’s relationship

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