SOUL SEMINARS : Techniques for Living with Anxiety

SPEAKER – Dr. Phil Roberts
DATE – 10th April, 7-10pm
LOCATION – 17 Synge Street, The Lantern Centre, Dublin 8

Dear friends,

We are very happy to be hosting Dr. Phil Robert at the next Soul Seminar to speak on the topic of anxiety and the techniques we can learn and utilise to help us with this condition. An engaging and informative talk for those dealing with anxiety, professionals working with people with anxiety or for those looking to learn more about the condition.

Techniques for Living with Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are part of normal everyday life. Anxiety and stress are the emotional and physical responses to what life throws at us. We are presently living in very challenging times with many experiencing powerlessness and hopelessness. Life doesn’t have to be that way. Your quality of life should not deteriorate due to anxiety.

Mental and physical health go hand in hand so it is important for you to maintain your physical health and achieve balance in your life. This will have a knock-on effect in improving your mental health and your capacity to deal with anxiety and stress.

In the course of this seminar I will explain what anxiety is and how we recognise it. I will list the various symptoms experienced by people when feeling anxious and stressed. I will also explore the numerous techniques and strategies that you can learn to help you cope with anxiety. As Carl Jung said ‘The shoe that fits one foot pinches another.’ The same applies to coping strategies.  You can choose which ones suit your personality, strengths and interests.

The seminar will cover breathing exercises, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, journaling, sleep, meditation and music to name but a few. I will give you examples of how you can become aware of and change your negative thinking.

The seminar will

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