Soul Seminars : Why Stories Matter

SPEAKER: Ruth Marshall

WHERE: Dunderry Park, Navan, Co. Meath


Call: 046 9074455


We are very happy to be hosting storyteller and workshop facilitator Ruth Marshall at the next Soul Seminars at Dunderry Park. Ruth will be speaking about the healing potential of understanding our own stories and the importance of attentive listening in hearing and understanding others. Ruth is an engaging and thought provoking speaker and we are very much looking forward to the event


You can give this away as often as you like, but you can still keep it. It moves from place to place, changing as it goes, and, without it, there is no past or future, no reason or meaning. What is it?

Answer: A story.

I saw a wall plaque in a shop the other day that caught my eye. It said: “HOME is where the story begins.” As a storyteller, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read that, because, though it sounded corny, it’s also true. Since before we were born, we have been listening to stories. We grow up with stories, and we create new stories with each new experience. If we are fortunate, the stories we grow up with are helpful ones that teach us, on a soul level, about the laws of life, natural morality, the value of simplicity, goodness, and the need to journey into the darkness so we can find the way back home. These stories carry healing truths, nurturing and guiding us. They are stories to live by.

However, many of us grow up in homes with wounded stories, often passed down the generations from our ancestors. When we live with damaged stories we often follow a life-script that we have not written ourselves. We may be living someone else’s story.

There is a

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