South Connacht Regional Meeting 20th May 2014

Dear South Connacht Members,

We wish to invite you all to our next regional Meet-up on:

Tuesday May 20th  at 7.30pm,

Venue: Courtyard Suite, Salthill Hotel, Galway.

 We hope to begin to provide a space for members to present topics/special interests related to psychotherapy at future meetings. We will be discussing how this will operate at the meeting. Thank you to the members who have volunteered to present special interests.

This meet-up will also provide a local networking opportunity for you the members to come together informally and share over a cuppa ideas, requests, or to gain support. So many, found the website and social media presentations valuable, at our last meeting and we wish to make the future meetings become as valuable in providing what it is the members want locally.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your time and  support  for building up the South Connacht region.

My two Year turn is coming to an end in June. A vacancy exists for a volunteer to become a regional contact person, who will assist Maire McAndrew going forward within the South Connacht region.

RSVP by Text or email to:

Maire McAndrew  0877815858


Tara Hynes            0863952535

Thank you.

Original post: Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy