Seminar at The Women’s Therapy Centre

The Women’s Therapy Centre: Therapeutic Work with Women Recovering from Domestic Violence and Other Forms of Abuse in Adult Relationship

Seminar Date: May 27th 2014

Venue: The Ashling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8

Time: Registration 9.30am; Seminar 10am to 2pm

Chair: Dr. Jane Pillinger

Speakers will include:

Felicity Kennedy, CEO of the Women’s Therapy Centre, Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist: Counselling and psychotherapy, trauma and recovery (specialised clinical intervention) and agency services.

Tina Maguire, Counselling Psychologist with the Women’s Therapy Centre: Clinical outcomes and client profiles.

Patricia Prendiville, Violence Against Women: European experience and context for national and international action at legislative and policy levels.

Please find WTC invite to seminar information here.

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