The Human Capacity for Recovery

TITLE OF TALK – The Human Capacity for Recovery
WHERE – The Lantern Centre, Dublin 8
WHEN – 3rd July 7-10pm
SPEAKER – Prof. Jim Lucey
Dear friends,

We are delighted to welcome Prof. Jim Lucey to speak at the next Soul Seminars on the subject of ‘The Human Capacity for Recovery’. Prof Lucey is medical director of the St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin.
Many of us find it difficult to speak of the mind, and care of the mind requires and ability to listen and reflect. This inspiring talk, based on Prof. Lucey’s most recent book ‘In My Room’, will give you many moments of reflection as you journey with Jim’s patients towards recovery, and will restore your faith in the human experience.
Jim Lucey has been working for more than 25 years with patients suffering from mental health problems. When people at their most vulnerable present to his room at St. Patrick’s University Hospital, Dublin, they reveal their fears, traumas, and very real human predicaments. While the patients stories are diverse, one common theme emerges – that of recovery. The psychiatrist and patients show us that recovery is possible, if we can find a way to engage.
Prof. Lucey’s book is also available now
 In My Room: The Human Journey as Encountered by a Psychiatrist, on the website,  or  
As always we will have registraion from 7.00pm-7.30pm. We will begin with a meditation followed by the talk. We will break and finish then with a Q&A.
See you then!
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