06 Dec 2014 09:30 : Into the Other – The Development of Thought


Into The Other: The Development of Thought’


December 6, 2014, The Teacher’s Club, Dublin



Disability Psychotherapy Ireland invites you to their third annual seminar, ‘Into the Other: The Development of Thought’.


This day is an opportunity to hear and work with two of the leading thinkers in the fields of forensic psychotherapy, autism and disability.  Drawing on their vast experience of treating patients with disabilities, the speakers will examine ways of helping to “bring to life” minds that have been atrophied by trauma, abuse and neglect. 


In her keynote paper Dr Alvarez will consider three clinical examples in which a particular form of aliveness was awakened in the context of a deeply interpersonal relationship. By looking at work with children with autism and borderline states, the paper will bring together thinking from the worlds of psychoanalysis, relational psychotherapy and neuroscience to form a cogent theory of levels of interpretation and attunement that can help replace dead thought with alive thinking.



Tamsin Cottis will draw on Dr Alvarez’s ‘Clinical Levels’ model, describing how long-term integrative psychotherapy can facilitate significant relational change in children and young people who have sexually harmful behaviour.  This paper is an <span

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