31 Jan 2015 10:30 : Taboo or not Taboo? Clinical Series


The Irish Forum for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


  Clinical Series 2015


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‘Taboo or not Taboo?’


Forbidden thoughts, forbidden acts in Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy



Based on the collection of papers in ‘Taboo or not Taboo?, this series concerns topics in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis that are not spoken about under  usual circumstances.  



Guided by this courageous book, we want to encourage conversations and explorations amongst practitioners, around topics such as money, spirituality or self-disclosure, in an atmosphere of openness and safety.  Mary Pyle, MA, H.Dip.Ed, trained Group Analyst, founder member of the IFPP and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist of long standing, will facilitate this series.  She has developed a module based on these writings for the Irish Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy course in TCD, since the book’s publication in 2009. Her students’ enthusiasm and interest, seeded by her teaching of this material, has led to the series being offered to clinicians in the wider psychoanalytic community.



In the current age of demand for greater transparency from professionals, this is a timely and important collection.’    Peter Fonagy in the Foreward.



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