An Introduction to Pluralism – With Prof. Mick Cooper



IICP are delighted to welcome Professor Mick Cooper to present this one day workshop covering an Introduction to Pluralism. Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy is an integrative approach to working with clients. It “…starts from the assumption that different things are likely to help different people at different points in time, such that is meaningless to argue over which is the ‘best’ way of practicing therapy, per se. It can be summed up as a ‘both/and’ standpoint – that CBT can be helpful, and person-centred therapy can be helpful, and psychodynamic therapy can be helpful… – in contrast to an ‘either/or’ one.” (McLeod, J & Cooper, M, 2011, p. 6).”

This one day workshop will introduce participants to an innovative and dynamic approach to clinical work. Learners will reflect on the theory of this integrative way of working, as well as consider how it can be applied to clinical practice in a meaningful way. The role of feedback and dialogue with clients will be explored.

This cutting-edge model of counselling and psychotherapy can help therapists and practitioners meet the needs of diverse clients who have a range of needs and complexities.

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