Post-Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness-Based Approaches & Third Wave Interventions

Post Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness-Based Approaches and Third Wave Interventions (one year advanced training) 45 hours training:  Dublin and Cork

Responding to the growing interest of psychotherapists, this one year Post Graduate Certificate offers experienced clinicians and mental health professionals a unique opportunity to develop in-depth specialist skills in Mindfulness–Based Approaches (MBAs), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and the application of Third Wave Clinical Interventions for use in one-to-one counselling and psychotherapy.

This advanced programme in Mindfulness will integrate elements of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Compassion and Wisdom approaches and how mindfulness interfaces with third wave approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectic Behaviour Therapy and Schema Therapy.  We will explore cognitive humanistic approaches and the attitudinal qualities of mindful-based therapy, including aspects of cognitive therapy, embodied cognition, metacognitive awareness, neuroscience and Buddhist psychology.

This training will guide participants in developing their own regular mindfulness practice whilst integrating it with their therapeutic and clinical work.  The process of a mindfulness-based approach to psychotherapy is facilitated through mindfulness practice, lectures and skills within the context of personal, interpersonal and group enquiry.  The training group learns to cultivate and deepen awareness as a primary psychotherapeutic and transformative tool.  This programme will explore the theory, research and essential skills, especially mindfulness and self-compassion for deliberately cultivating wisdom and compassion in psychotherapy.

Practice          Meditation, class practice (body scan, mindful movement, sitting meditation) and home practice

Process          Inquiry, guided discovery, journaling, interpersonal dynamics and creative process using art and clay

Reflection       Reflective supervision on personal practice, case work, discussion

Seminar         Interactive, experiential, group focused and collaborative learning

Research       Reading, reflection and discussion on current research and clinical integration of mindfulness into various practice settings

Seminar and Workshops will include:

  • Historical overview of mindfulness in psychotherapy and the essentials of Buddhist psychology
  • Exploring Mindfulness-Based Approaches in Psychotherapy and integrating these skills in clinical practice and

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