3 Day Introductory Workshop to Biosynthesis Somatic Psychotherapy


‘Strategies of Empowerment: Overcoming the inhibition of action, which is central to disempowerment created by trauma’

The Irish Institute for Biosynthesis are delighted to welcome our International Senior Trainers Dr. Joke van de Belt ECP and Gabriele Hoppe ECP to facilitate this 3 day Introductory Workshop in Biosynthesis Somatic Psychotherapy. Both have co-faciliated EAP Biosynthesis Trainings with founder Dr. David Boadella for over 30 years collectively.

€250 if booked before the 31st March 2015

€300 if booked after 31st March 2015

22nd May 15.00-2100, 23rd/24th May 9.30-18.00

Application Forms and Online bookings available from


or contact Attracta on 0872382978/agill3@nullhotmail.com

The movement of the body speaks clearly to those who know how to listen, visibly revealing what words cannot describe: the legacy of trauma and early or forgotten dynamics with attachment figures. A shift is occurring in psychotherapy that takes into account the dominance of nonverbal, body-based, implicit processes over verbal, linguistic, explicit processes. Movement sequences, such as reaching out or striking out in the face of internal distress, are learned in the context of trauma and attachment relationships. When such actions are executed repeatedly in response to particular cues, they become automatic, enduring reactions. These procedurally learned action sequences are based on unconscious presumptions that the future will be the same as the past and carry memories that the mind may have forgotten, dissociated, or suppressed. Such habits prevent new responses to current situations, taking precedence over actions that might be more rewarding or more adaptive to the present moment. This presentation will explore Biosynthesis, Movement and trauma-related action sequences that reflect and sustain insecure attachment and dissociation, elucidating the body, per se, as a vehicle for understanding personality development and as a target of therapeutic change.

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