Relapse Prevention Workshop

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Course: Relapse Prevention Workshop

Date: 20th & 21st May 2015 (12 CPD Units)

Location: IMI Conference Centre, Sandyford Road, Dublin 16.

Cost: €225.00 (inclusive of tea/coffee breaks, lunch & handouts)

Course Details

Relapse is a deadly process and is preventable

Relapse prevention is at the core of addiction treatment yet there is still a very high attrition rate – why?

To develop a relapse prevention plan we need to fully understand the dynamics involved. We need to know the how and the why of how relapse occurs.

There are many theories as to why some people frequently relapse while others do not. Even though many may struggle they do achieve and maintain abstinence without the trauma and drama attached to those that serially relapse. Why do some succeed while others don’t?

We can expend enormous amounts of time, energy and resources trying to get them to conform’ to our plan for them but we ultimately fail to have any influence over their behaviour – why?

As ‘professionals’, are we attending enough to this crucial and critical area? Do we need to revisit and review our models of relapse and prevention?

This workshop will look at these and other challenging questions from a systemic perspective. It will have a solutions focused approach and demonstrate how Choice Theory Psychology and CBT/REBT type interventions can be most useful.

Learning outcomes – help your clients to:

  • Note warning signs & signals
  • Identify & neutralise triggers
  • Understand & manage cravings & compulsions
  • Develop intrinsic motivation
  • Adjust to and manage life pressures
  • Learn to self-evaluate
  • Differentiate between needs & wants
  • Develop self-efficacy
  • Formulate a realistic & successful relapse prevention plan

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