Soul Seminars – The Healing Power of Dreams

WHEN – May 7th, 7-10pm
WHERE – Dunderry Park, Navan, Co. Meath
  • Dear friends,

    We are very excited to be hosting Lucid Dreaming teacher and Author Caroline McCready to the next SOUL SEMINARS at Dunderry Park where we ill be learning about the power of dreams for healing.


    In many ancient, indigenous and shamanic cultures dreams have been utilised for emotional and physical healing. It was such an integral part of their cultures that in ancient Egypt, Greece and across the Middle East, as well as though out the Roman Empire, sleep and dream temples were built as centers for physical and psychological healing. Our recent mainstream culture has largely devalued dreams, but an increasing interest in lucid dreaming is helping to uncover forgotten potentials for healing within dreams.

    A lucid dream is any dream within which you realise you are dreaming, which provides your conscious self a direct link to constructively influence your subconscious. Lucid dreams can become a direct conversation with your larger subconscious self. As the root cause of many psychological and physical problems are held on a subconscious level lucid dreaming is a profoundly powerful tool for healing.

    In Lucid dreams you can directly ask your subconscious what is causing emotional or physical problems and consequently resolve these issues. You can heal fears, phobias and addictions. You’re able to access and release deeply rooted limiting beliefs and thought patterns. You can use lucid dreams to identify and integrate ‘shadow’ aspects. You’re able to plant suggestions of health and healing deep within the unconscious mind, as well as interact directly with the root cause of physical and psychological issues.

    During the evening you will learn more about healing in dreams and how people have used their dreams for physical and psychological healing.

    You’ll be taught simple techniques to help …read more

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