Soul Seminars – Psychotherapy in Nature

WHEN – May 21st, 7-10pm
WHERE – The Lantern Centre, 17 Synge Street, Dublin 8
  • Dear friends,

    We are delighted to host Psychotherapist Peter Devlin to speak on the topic of practicing ‘Psychotherapy in Nature’. This will be a very insightful talk for professionals that would like to learn more about working this way as well as those interested in learning more about the healing power of nature.

    ABOUT THE NIGHT – From Peter Devlin

    I will begin by talking briefly about my early life and in particular my awareness growing of my connection with the land which eventually led me to practice psychotherapy in nature. Working with human nature in the midst of wild nature, availing of the outer life as a way to be in touch with the inner self developed so naturally. The talk will include previous roles in working life; I was a priest for 17 years. I will speak about formative events which led me to move outdoors as a natural way to effect healing.
    Since 2009 I have been delivering Soul Days in the North West and I will speak about how these helped me to begin to offer an outdoor environment to clients. Retreats and training events in my history, recent and past are all important in how and why I offer this alternative.
    Spirituality. As with most people, my spirituality has developed over the years and plays a significant part in how I am with clients whether in or outside. Soul listening is important for me and when I am with a client I am very aware of there being at least two souls present and how healing is available for both. I am greatly influenced by the work of Bill Plotkin, in particular his book “Wild Mind” and I would subscribe to his view …read more

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