Book Review: Awaken to the Wisdom of your Dreams: Mirrors in the River

Book review

by Kathleen Duffy
Published by Covey Publishing Westport 2014

ISBN: 0954574095
Reviewed by Anne Colgan MIAHIP

Known in Ireland for her popular workshops in dream wisdom, Kathleen Duffy works as a psychotherapist in private practice. She has also worked with the Tivoli Institute in Dublin. According to the late John O’Donohue:

[Kathleen has a] unique charisma on the detective work of dreamscapes, above anyone else being able to smell out what the story really is…and to have the subtlety, technique and skill to elucidate the intention structure and wisdomscape of the dream.

(personal communication with Kathleen Duffy, 2006)

Kathleen has a particular interest in exploring the psyche through dreams as well as relationship issues and the transpersonal. She lives in Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland.

I close my eyes; draw back the curtain, to see for certain what I thought I knew” (Duffy, 2014: 202). Kathleen refers to the words of this song in her book and it epitomises for me what she is sharing with us and inviting us to attend. Her generosity in sharing in the book is palpable and has left me feeling comforted, challenged and spiritually nourished. Throughout the book, the curtain is pulled back for me. It is both simply put and deep.

We are invited each night to go to the theatre where we are producer and director, to go within ourselves for guidance. The book educates the reader in how to prepare for dreamwork, beginning with a commitment to be attentive to dreams. When we believe that our dreams give voice to our psyche doors will begin to open. Our dreams can bring us to the stuck place, the place we know we fear. In my recent experience since reading the book I had a dream which was very powerful and clear. Creative work which I have been avoiding …read more

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