Digital Detox Ireland presents ‘Switch off Saturday’

Where – Dunderry Park, Trim, Co. Meath
When – 5th December 2015
Contact –, 046 9074455, 0877472147
Digital Detox Ireland are delighted to bring you our third workshop this year ‘ Switch off Saturday’ on the 5th of December at Dunderry Park. Expect the usual inspiring and creative talks and workhops from our amazing facilitators while you get a chance to unwind in the countryside just before the christmas period!

Activities at this “Switch off Saturday” will include
*Storytelling Workshops
*Mandala making
*Qi Gong
*Gong Baths
*And we are delighted to welcome the SODA BREAD BOX to digital detox for the first time who will introduce us to a whole new way of dancing!

Cost includes all classes and meals.
€75 for all day workshop
€30 for optional B&B including the late night Soda Bread Box
Email or call 0469074455/ 0877472147

Why do a Digital Detox?

Here’s what some of our participants said:

‘I never realised just how addicted I was until this weekend, and now I don’t want my phone back – I was so peaceful without it!’

‘I really see now how intrusive it (smartphone) can be, but I feel so much more connected to myself after the weekend, I feel like I want to maintain this feeling – so I’ll definitely be using it less!’

So, how long has it been since you checked your smartphone?

There is no doubt about it, we are more connected that ever. Those little glowing blue screens in our hands allow us to receive and upload information faster than ever before.
Research has shown that smartphone usage releases the chemical dopamine into the brain, causing us to receive a tiny ‘hit’ every time we log on. This, according to research, functions similarly to taking drugs, and the more we do it, the more we crave it.
In no uncertain terms, we become …read more

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