‘Death and Resurrection’ Illuminate your Life by facing the reality of your Death

A Seven-Day Residential Workshop Presented by The Fool’s Dance Gestalt Company.

The Slí an Chroí Centre, Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow, February 13th to February 19th, 2016.

Why should I (or anyone) do a Workshop on Death? Because living our lives in the full awareness of our inevitable death (and this is not the same as being morbidly obsessed with death) offers us a more realistic and enriching perspective on life itself, on the decisions that we make and on how we choose to live. Up until the late 19th and early 20th century death was always very close at hand and very visible – in the 1700s, for instance, one child in three died before their fifth birthday. In modern times improvements in living standards and advances in medicine have prolonged life very significantly. Everybody still dies, of course, but most do so in old age and – considerately – in private, in hospital rather than in the bedroom upstairs, in the house next door or in the street outside. This extension of life and the increased privacy surrounding death, however, comes with a psychological price-tag. It is now so much easier for us to banish the reality of death and, especially, of our own death to some vaguely-imagined and – naturally – comfortably distant future. For much of the time we manage not to think about our death at all and many of us almost never talk about it. Outwardly (and, sometimes, even inwardly) we live our lives as if we were immortal. Psychologically this avoidance of such an important feature of our lives is really unhelpful, given the inevitability, the unpredictability and the overwhelming significance – to us, at least – of our death. Following the success of his first two ground-breaking workshops – ‘The Hero’s Journey’ and …read more

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