Gestalt Sand Therapy Process with Adolescents


The adolescent brings his world to the therapy situation and we, as therapists need to collaboratively, with our adolescent clients, create a framework of meaning which supports the process and purpose of therapy. The guiding principle of this collaborative construction is the client’s meaning-making, which promotes discovery of capability, agency, personal power and connectedness with the interpersonal world.

Gestalt Sand Therapy Process is a unique approach to working with adolescents, developed by Bronagh Starrs. The sandworld can bring healing and insight, offering a dynamic mode of relating which enriches contact process between aspects of self-experience which are often compartmentalised in the adolescent’s developing awareness. The adolescent’s lifespace and contact boundary development become visible, tangible and three-dimensional in the sand. This dynamic way of working also creates additional richness and depth to therapeutic contact.

During the two days, we will explore theoretical, clinical and practical aspects of sand therapy process with adolescents including:

  • An Overview of Jungian Sandplay Theory
  • An introduction to Gestalt Sand Therapy Process
  • Initiating sand therapy process with adolescent clients
  • Gaining practical experience of creating & facilitating sand work
  • Exploring the healing & transformative potential of sand therapy
  • Trauma in the sand: silent expression of the unspeakable
  • Understanding the richness of symbolic representation for the adolescent

About The Presenter:

Bronagh Starrs BA Dip Psychotherapy MIAHIP Founder & Director of Blackfort Adolescent Gestalt Institute and principal faculty for the Post-Qualifying Diploma in Gestalt Adolescent Psychotherapy, which has been offered in Ireland since 2012. She maintains a private practice in Omagh, Northern Ireland, as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, writer and trainer, specialising in working with adolescents. Bronagh is an adolescent development specialist and has considerable experience teaching and presenting throughout Ireland and internationally on the developmental implication of trauma on the adolescent journey. She has authored numerous articles and chapters on the subject.

Dates: 27th – 28th Feb 2016

Time: 10am …read more

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