Exploring and Owning Your Power and Authority

Galway Psychotherapy & Consulting Dublin Workshop

Exploring and Owning Your Power and Authority

Wednesday 29th June to Friday 1st July, 2016

Mike O’Halloran and Evelyn P. Gilmore

The workshop provides an opportunity for psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, educators, managers, health care professionals, and allied professionals, to enhance their awareness of their own power and authority. In addition, as participants gain greater awareness of these aspects of themselves, they will gain greater insight as to how to help their clients explore and own their own power and authority. Many individuals do not fully own their own powerfulness and project it onto others: friends, partners, siblings, colleagues; or onto organisations, and experience themselves as relatively powerless in interpersonal or organisational life. In addition, individuals who may be formally qualified as professionals, or who may be formally appointed to roles with authority, experience difficulty exercising their authority, due to internal feelings of powerlessness.

The ‘internal world’ of the person is fundamental to how he or she experiences and uses power and authority. This, in turn, is largely a function of the person’s relationships with past authority figures such as parents and teachers. Self-doubt, can lead to the person never being able to fully experience his or her powerfulness, whilst it’s opposite, an inflated self-image, can lead to authoritarianism. When individuals explore their relationship with power and authority, they can experience much greater aliveness and energy, an expanded sense of personality, and greater choice in life.

During the three days, participants will be provided with an opportunity to explore the following:

  • Exploring and Owning Your Power and Authority
  • Past experiences and Internalised Images that You Hold
  • Enhancing Your Own Sense of Internal Power
  • Sexuality, Gender, and Power
  • Enhancing Awareness of Beliefs and Feelings about Power
  • Doubting yourself and it’s impact on Powerfulness
  • Gaining greater awareness of how you Project Power onto Others
  • Working …read more

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