Sexual Trauma in Adolescence & Emerging Adulthood

Blackfort Adolescent Gestalt Institute in conjunction with One In Four
Facilitator: Bronagh Starrs
The adolescent’s journey is from embeddedness within a family system and an introjected sense of self towards ownership of her life and appreciation of her unique place in the world. This culminates in a sense of personal agency and an essential security in who she is.
What happens when sexual trauma interferes with this process?
This workshop will explore the major developmental themes of adolescence and emerging adulthood through a relational lens. Participants will come to understand the connection between sexual trauma and the correlating shame dynamics which may shape the adolescent’s interpersonal and intrapsychic experience. A Gestalt relational model for understanding and intervening with traumatised adolescents will be presented and will address the developmental, clinical and ethical issues involved.
This training is suitable not only for counsellors/psychotherapists who are working with adolescent and emerging adult clients, but also for those working principally with adult clients. Many sexually traumatised adults who engage in a psychotherapy process are struggling to come to terms with the legacy of sexual boundary violation which occurred during childhood & adolescence. Participants will learn how this psychological and developmental complexity continues to shape adult self-experience.
Date: Friday 11th & Saturday 12th March (10am – 5pm)
Venue: One In Four, 2 Holles St, Dublin 2
Fee: €240
For information & booking please contact Margaret: or tel: 01-6624070

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