Entering the Knowing Field

Systemic Family Constellations Workshop Dalkey.

Deep work in exploring the entanglements that hold us back from experiencing, delight, freedom and love. May 21st/22nd Dalkey Cost €150

Full Details http://www.psychotherapycork.com/family-constellations/

This phrase ‘The knowing field’ was coined by Dr Albrecht Mahr, psychiatrist, constellator and meditator. When we enter the constellations as a participant or witness we become aware of a type of knowing that is not usually cognitive, logical or magical but always seems to make sense in a certain deep and often emotional way. This knowing field enables us to witness and feel the underlying energetics of a system, be it a family, organisational,body or other type of constellation. For example we can see the necessity to include the excluded members of a family or the role of symptoms in illness or what is preventing healthy growth. Sometimes a resolution emerges which can have a deep affect on all parts the system. Constellation work is still relatively marginal to the mainstream but what is on the margins today comes central tomorrow as for example yoga or mindfulness.

Entering the Knowing Field

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