In a world full of demands on our time it is important to give time to self-care. One way of doing this is self-soothing through music.  This can be through listening, humming, chanting or singing.  Music takes us in to the right side of our brain where our creativity lies and helps to create balance.  Responsibility and growing demands on our time often leave us depleted.  Music is healing and we can do it for ourselves.  Join me.

We begin with breathing.  Do you notice that when you are stressed your hold your breath?  This exercise will help you to cope with stress and better address your anxieties.  Breathe out and pull your navel in towards your spine.    Let go.  Your lungs will naturally fill up when you let go. You may breathe this way already.  Throughout the day when you get a chance, breathe out.  When you get used to it, you can pull your navel in more and make sure you get all of the air out of your lungs.  The more air you are able to blow out, the more will go in to your lungs.  One of the best ways practice this is by lying flat.  We tend to breathe this way naturally when we are lying down.

Now make a sound when you breathe out.  You can make any sound you like, it can be purring, chanting, gurgling our singing.   You can make baby sounds. You don’t have to be a professional singer to do this.  I believe that if you speak you can sing (except where you may have a medical condition).  If you don’t do this naturally I find that it can be like learning how to drive, so many things to remember.  Take it easy.  One piece at a time.  Practice a little at a time, gently.  You need to be careful if this is new to you.  Take it easy.

The rewards are wonderful.  When you do this exercise it can take you away from the everyday stresses and bring you in to yourself.  The deep breathing contributes to further grounding and relaxation.  This way of breathing and singing works for everybody.  If you are a singer already it will benefit your singing.

Music can be exhilarating and great fun.  Maybe revisit nursery rhymes.  Have fun.  Also, we all have songs which touch us, bring us to places of wonderment.  We can treat ourselves with these experiences.  When you make a sound the vibration massages all of the cells in your body. The effort of making the sound and using your breath in this way is good for your lungs and your organs.  You can pick out a play list for yourself to use as you go about your day. Sing along with your favourite songs and sing in the shower and the car.   Beginning the day with uplifting music will enhance your wellbeing.

There are times when breathing like this and making sounds can bring you to a sad place. Sometimes we are afraid to explore those feelings which we have tried to suppress.  Other feelings could be of anger or frustration or loss of direction.

If music brings you to a place where you need support and understanding Psychotherapy can help in working with feelings in order to get to a better place.  The Psychotherapist can hold the fears and anxieties with us as we figure it out for ourselves.  The work is non-judgemental and empathic.  The quality of the relationship with the Psychotherapist and the feeling of safety in the room enables the client to move through the obstacles which prevent us from having a better life.