OCHRE offers Family constellation workshops 2016

April 16 -17th.

October 22 -23rd

Venue: Mardyke House,

The Mardyke.

Cork City. Ireland.

Facilitator: Colette Green: www.ochre.ie

Information and booking: info@nullochre.ie / 0868267687

Fee per workshop: 200.00 Euro.

Bursaries are available

For more information and for ongoing supervision for your constellation work with groups and or in the individual setting, please contact: Colette Green


Constellation work with horses 2016

Equine Assisted Workshops:

The High Art of Helping:

Assisted by horse presence and wisdom.

Fee: 125 Euro per workshop


May: 15th : Castlefergus Equestrian. Quin. Co Clare. Ireland.

September: 18th 2016: Venue: TBC

People often feel drawn to work with others and to help them. This pull can come from a deep love and loyalty that stems from within our own family system, our own herd. To work cleanly with others it is important to be able to differentiate ‘what belongs to whom’ and what it is that has drawn us into our chosen profession. What it is our hearts are longing for.

The ground-breaking work of Bert Hellinger, coming from his training in psychoanalysis to his systemic family therapy, allows us to see ourselves through a lens which brings to light our connections, loyalties and bonds, conscious and unconscious, across the generations. The methodology he developed is called ‘the constellation’ which uses human representatives to represent family members, issues or internal parts of ourselves. We use this lens and methodology together with the added help of horses. We include horse presence and wisdom as representatives in the family field. Clearing our own ‘field’ allows us to work with clarity, awareness and compassion.

It serves as a protection for the people we work with and ourselves when we understand that in order to give in a healthy way we must first be able to receive. Then we may no longer project our entanglements and what is out of our …read more

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