Family Tree Healing

One Day Workshop

Saturday 25th June 2016

10.00am ‘til 4.00pm

La Verna Centre

Franciscan House of Spirituality & Hospitality

Ballinderry, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

Facilitated by Maria Moran

What is Family Tree Healing?

As human beings, the basic community to which we belong

is our family, not only our parents and siblings but our

extended family, including grandparents and great-grandparents etc..

The manner in which the family unit communicates and interacts

depends, not only on the people living in the present, but also

on those who went before.

The legacies left behind by our ancestors include both useful and not

so useful ways of approaching life.

The useful legacy leaves us with a wisdom worth appreciating and integrating.

Distorted ways of thinking and acting (that may have evolved out of difficult

situations in the past) if unresolved, will need attention to prevent

or address dysfunctional patterns of behaviour in the present.

This is the work of Family Tree Healing

“Acknowledging the weakness of the past is an act of honesty and courage…..

it opens a new tomorrow for everyone”. (ITC Memory and Reconcilliation 1999)

What will the day include?

  • Understanding the importance of Family Tree Healing
  • Universal phenomenon – Cultural context
  • Committing to the process
  • Identifying the problem – gaining insight
  • Rewriting & Telling the Family Story – The bigger perspective
  • Dealing with unfinished business – Apology, Forgiveness, Restitution
  • Ritual

Please note: Cost for the day is €60

  • This includes tea/coffee and a light lunch
  • Places are limited so book early
  • Certificates of attendance will be provided

Maria Moran MA IAHIP

Maria was born in Dublin where she lived and worked until moving to Co. Wexford in 2005. Maria works …read more

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