Urban retreat: Bridging the gap, Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness for Daily Life

Theresa retreat

Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness for Daily Life

Facilitators Barbara Collins & Sandra Reeve.

An Tairseach

Dominican Farm and Ecology Centre, Wicklow, Ireland. 22nd to 27th July 2016.

575 Euro. [CPD hours 25] No experience of movement or meditation required.

Retreat details online|www.moveintolife.com/retreat.

For further information and bookings, contact:

In Ireland – Barbara Collins:barmeco@nullgmail.com 0863706824 (+353 8637 0624)

In the UK – Sandra Reeve:www.moveintolife.com/retreat 07734 138942 ( +44 7734 138942)

Additional information

This 5 day workshop is designed to introduce movement as ‘mindfulness in motion’, as a meditation practice in itself, and to explore the thresholds and transitions between sitting meditation, walking meditation, free form movement practice and simple everyday activities.

How can we cultivate embodied presence with our eyes closed and our eyes open, in action and in stillness?

We will move between indoor and outdoor sessions, between time alone and time together, between nature and town, between quietness, stillness and movement as we explore how to integrate the source of meditation into our daily lives and into the busy stream of activities that fill our days.

To see facilities at An Tairseach: www.ecocentrewicklow.ie

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