What – Transpersonal Therapist Training – Jung and the Transpersonal Vision

Where – Dunderry Park, Navan, Co. Meath

Due to the first module on the Transpersonal Therapist Training being full we will be repeating this first lecture on the 7th August. See below for details.

Jung and the Transpersonal Vision
‘An Introduction to Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology’

The module will explore the development of Jungian theory, examining the influence of ancient indigenous and Shamanic methods of healing, on Jung’s mission to bring a transpersonal vision into western, traditional models of psychology. Transpersonal psychology, at its core, challenges the traditional, western medical model of psychology, which pathologises mental illness and disorder, and instead seeks a deeper understanding of issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction or psychosis. It focuses on the healing potential within people, and explores suffering as a means of growth, and ultimately, a transformational process which needs to be supported, rather than suppressed. Although Transpersonal psychology seeks to bring the spiritual into Western Psychology, it does not subscribe to any spiritual doctrine or set of beliefs, but instead encourages people to seek spirituality within themselves through methods and techniques that work for them. This could include Shamanic Journey, Holotropic Breathwork, Mindfulness in Nature, Creating Mandalas or using Sandplay. This type of spirituality is as compatible with Atheism as it is with Christianity, and demands nothing off the participant except an open mind and a mindful presence to the healing processes within themselves. The lecture format will include an overview of Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology, and will also include practical demonstrations of useful tools and techniques, screening of interviews with key Jungian psychologists, and interactive group work and discussions. The day costs €95 including breakfast, lunch and an evening snack. The module is worth 40 credits and will count towards an accreditation in Transpersonal Therapist Training from The Irish Centre for …read more

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