Certificate in CBT and Mindfulness-Based Approaches in Adolescent Counselling and Classroom Applications.

Join a group of mental health professionals, guidance counsellors, and educators to explore and learn proven and practical CBT and mindfulness interventions tailored specifically to treat the most frequently occurring emotional and behavioural problems with adolescents and young people.

Complete this ten-day training and be able to teach teenagers how to shift their thinking away from impulsive, thoughtless, and judgemental ways of reacting and responding to life and teach them to build on the resources they already have inside. Provide more balanced approaches to reacting to life and helping shift the way teenagers perceive and appraise situations as stressful. The programme includes one-to-one interventions for therapists and a ten-session teaching programme Mindfulness in Transition for secondary schools.

  • Adapting CBT and mindfulness for adolescents and teenagers. How CBT and mindfulness differs from adult interventions. Mindfulness tools for adolescents, enhance emotion regulation skills and attention.
  • Anxiety disorders, OCD. Best treatment strategies for teenagers. Using a comprehensive cognitive behavioural framework, you will learn which interventions work best with different types of anxiety disorders based on the adolescent’s developmental level.
  • Understanding mental health issues, developing psycho-educational teaching methods, DBT skills and working with emotional and behavioural problems.
  • Interventions and approaches for working with oppositional, defiant, and disruptive adolescents.
  • Creative approaches, techniques and activities for working with issues from challenging and resistant teenagers.
  • Yoga and mindfulness, brain and body tools for teenagers.
  • Social skills training, relaxing and somatic management skills.
  • Parent, family and school management training.

Practice: Meditation, group learning, role play.

Process: Inquiry, guided discovery, journaling, interpersonal dynamics, and creative processes using art, clay, puppets, sand tray, metaphor and story.

Reflection: Reflective supervision on personal practice, case work, discussion

Seminar Interactive, experiential, group focused and collaborative learning.

Each session will include seminar, workshops, teach back, reflection, interactive learning. Learning …read more

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