3 Day Contemporary Gestalt Training


Bob and Rita Resnick invite psychotherapists of all orientations to 3 days of Contemporary Gestalt therapy training with theory and special emphasis on relating the live clinical work to the theory – making both more meaningful. The workshop will be both experiential and didactic including brief theory lectures, discussion, and live clinical work. An exquisitely process-oriented therapy, Gestalt Therapy maintains the flexibility to integrate new ideas and perspectives from many sources, thereby encouraging continual perceptual reorganization while maintaining it’s updated evolving vitality.

Rita F. Resnick, Ph.D., psychotherapist, has been Faculty Chair of GATLA’s European Summer Residential Training Programs since 1991. She is core faculty of both the Couples Therapy and Individual Psychotherapy training programs. Her professional interests include the exploration of innovative and supportive approaches to supervision and a devoted, passionate (and self-serving) interest in the area of women growing older.

Robert W. Resnick, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, has been a Gestalt Therapist and Couples Therapist for 50 years and an international trainer for over 45 years. Trained (1965-1970) and personally certified by examination (1969) by Drs. Fritz Perls and Jim Simkin, he was chosen by Fritz Perls to introduce Gestalt Therapy to Europe in 1969.

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